Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what others did after Issac visa was denied

After hearing the final verdict our lawyer Katie wrote a letter and sent an e-mail to the Chief of Immigrant Visas in Ciudad Juarez. In this letter she explained that a legal error had been committed with our case. That the officer said that Issac claimed to be a U.S citizen and that there was no proof of this. She explained and showed the documents showing that the Immigration office in St. Louis had previously droped this charge from Issacs case due to their being no evidence and because Issac stated that he did not make this claim.
She received a letter back telling her how a congressional office could contact them and that if she wanted to speak to them she would have to use the Call Center. Well there's a dead end. I have had a few people try and no one has been able to get through on the call center line and it also costs a lot of money. So you get to pay to be on hold for a long time to not get through to anyone.
Katie also sent a letter explaining all of the above to Legal net to request for Advisory Opinion regarding our case. Legal net is an email channel limited to immigration attorneys to inquire about the status of visa applications or request an advisory opinion on the denial of a visa.
Katie also sent a letter to the U.S. Department of state alerting them to our issue.
From all of this inquiry Katie received a letter stating that Issac admitted to the consular officer under oath that he stated orally to an immigration officer at the POE that he was a returning U.S. citizen, and that their was no legal error made.
When we asked Issac about this he said the officer was cruel and asking many repetitive questions and in different ways. Issac is unsure of how the officer came to this conclusion but is certain it was during the confusing part of the interview. So long story short in the end an officer was allowed to treat my husband like a criminal and use cruelty and frustration to confuse him during the interview. To understand this better you should read Issacs story of how the interview went.

My mom also sent a letter, along with pictures to the Consulate, any talk show she could find, many Senators and anyone she thought may listen. For the ones who actually did look into the case they received a letter exactly like Katie's. So without explanation all these people assume that what the consulate says is factual and strait forward. Little do they know of how my husband was treated and talked to on that day.

I wrote a nice letter explaining the hardships and misunderstandings of our case to the Chief of Immigrant Visas in Ciudad Juarez. I explained the ill treatment Issac received and asked why these immigrants are not allowed legal representation inside the consulate. Also I wanted to know why the interviews were not recorded. There is no proof of what this officer says. We all know someone with a badge is not always legit. Anyway he didn't respond so I sent another letter that was a little more harsh and told him what I really thought. And I then received a letter identical to the others that were received.

My sister sent a letter every week for a month or so and then pretty often after that to the consular office. They finally wrote her back sometime in late may 08 or early June 08 with the same response as the other but with one difference. On the letter to Shawndra they said, "but this case is under investigation." I nor Katie had been informed of any investigation. They said in this letter that they would get back to my sister as to what they found. Shawndra has heard nothing since and has written to ask about this "investigation".


  1. hey, I don't know if I've seen you over at immigrate2us.net or not but I live in Mexico too. And we may just be faced with the same thing you are going through. We need to ban together. I have a ds230 in to immigration right now, and we may also be facing 9c but I am not sure what is going to happen. find me through my blog if want to talk. I am in Puerto Vallarta, currently.

  2. No I have never seen immigrate2us but plan to check it out. Sorry without the full titles I dont understand what part of the immigration process you are in. Id love to chat with you about that and I will check out your site for sure.