Sunday, April 26, 2009

Night out with Hubby finally

Finally the last time my husbands mom was here to stay the night he asked her if we could head out for a few hours while she was here with the girls. There is a new bowling ally here we wanted to check out. Its actually very modern compared to most places in town. I had pumped and had some bottles prepared so I could have a beer with my hubby. I'm not a get drunk drinker anymore but I like to have a couple while out. We got there and realized they had pool also and chose to play pool instead. We had a lot of fun and both said it reminded us of when we were dating. When I was living in the States and visiting him we only went out one time because he wanted to spend as much time as possible with out daughter during our visits which was understandable. And since we've been here Iv been pregnant so we did go out a few times but it was more for going out to eat. We had a blast and it was good for us to get some time together to just be alone and yet out at the same time.
So here is the funny part and something that blew me away. We didn't know the place was closing at 11pm and had just ordered our second beer (yes we are slow drinkers lol). they put them in to go cups for us. Can you imagine, I kept saying are you sure they are gonna let us leave with this. Issac just kept laughing and saying yes. So off we went on our way home with my husband sipping on the last of my second beer and his. Seriously only in Mexico.


  1. Atleast you guys got your beer in to-go cups and not in plastic baggies!!! LOL! So glad to hear that you guys got to have some fun!

  2. It is always good to get time alone which is VERY difficult with young kids.

    Yes, Mexico is certainly laid back - hooray for roadies!