Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Mexico

Well I was so surprised last month when I saw no Easter treats, baskets, bunnies, or anything related was in the stores. Here Easter is just a catholic holiday. Yes the Christians who are not Catholic are reminded and thankful for the resurrection of Christ but they don't do eggs, baskets ext. And really anything else but to go to church as usual. Also for like the last month or so there has been no meat for sale on Fridays. Anywhere that normally sells or makes food with meat literally closes down or they only cook fish. Everything here except the supper markets where closed from Friday to Sunday, including the bars, and regular stores this weekend. I am determined for my children to be raised with not only the holidays my husband was raised with but also the ones I was raised with. We bought a summer beach basket for Alana and filled it with treats. We celebrated Easter on a wed because my husband was off work that day. The night before we died eggs. We only had red food coloring and the store we went tried to get other colors at didn't have any. So all our eggs where red but our 2 year old still had a blast with them. We used her crayons and made them all different looking and after putting the die on them she put stickers on them. I told her that the Easter bunny only hides pretty eggs so she put a lot of work into them. The next morning we hid the eggs around the house and she had so much fun looking for them. While she ate eggs, mostly candy and played with her treats we read the verses out of Mathew that described the resurrection of Christ, and thanked Him for his love. Although no one else in town seemed to care much about Easter we had a great time in our little apartment with our family. Then on Sunday because my husband was working, I was able to catch my best friend from childhood online and we chatted all Sunday morning on the web cam. My daughter sang for her and we had a great time. She is in Canada going to school and was also alone for the Holiday. Everyone here seems more preoccupied with the April celebrations of the town. I will soon be writing about that.


  1. I think your Easter came out awesome. As long as our kids still had fun, it's totally worth all the effort! (that sounded a bit cheesy.)Hope you guys had a great one!

  2. I can totally relate to this blog!!! I want to teach my children about their dad's mexican holidays and my american and christian holidays!