Friday, April 24, 2009

Childrens Mexican Birth cirtificates

Im pretty sure I already wrote about getting the 2 year olds birth certificate in another post. But just in case I'm gonna sum it up really fast before going into the new born's. For hers we just had to turn in her U.S. birth certificate with apostille and translation, and in 2 weeks we had her Mexico birth certificate. Also I dont remember how much it was but I do remember it was cheep, and we also got an official copy made that we picked up the next day which was also cheep. (meaning like 50p or so)
For the newborn we needed more paperwork!!!!! We had to have the official paper from the hospita, a marriage license, 2 witnesses and copies of theirs and our ID's. Most of this wasnt to big a deal except the Marriage lic. The lady at the office suggested that before we did the birth cert we should get our Mexican marriage lic and a copy because what ever we gave them they would have to keep the original of. So we brought in our appostiled and translated marriage lic.
After 2 hours of everyone in the office checking out our marriage lic papers and telling us a couple times it wasn't the right papers and us being stern about the fact it was they finally took it. Basically most situations that are even close to ours here the people are from Cali and the papers look a little different there. The lawyer who did our translation warned us about this. Finally one of the employees pulled out other marriage lic and appostilles and noted that although they look different (they are on diff paper and in different fount) that they said the same thing as ours. They apologized a lot (prob because Im not good at hiding my feelings and at that moment IM sure my face was saying I was getting ready to hurt someone). But I chalked it up to the fact that our situation was a strange one even for the big city of Guad when I was getting my FM3 under familiar support.
The lady told us to come back in a week and our Mexican marriage lic would be ready. We waited a week and a half, and went back with all the requirements for the babies birth cert. (including 2 friends to be our witnesses). When the lady saw us she said she was getting ready to finish our marriage lic and then she would do the birth cirt. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG she hadnt even done the marriage lic yet. "OK breath Amanda you should have expected this." We are doing this on my husbands one hour lunch stretched to 2 hour, because his boss is nice. It takes an hour to just get her to finish the marriage lic and my husbands and the pastors name is spelled wrong. So theres another 30 min. Oh and one of my witnesses had a 2 year old also so her and my daughter are causing havoc in the office. Ok finally after 1 and 1/2 hours the marriage lic is done. The lady tells us to go eat something and she will get all the birth cirt stuff done and when we get back in about 45 min or so she would have it ready for us. Why did we believe her you might ask. Well we didn't have much a choice so we went across the street to eat and feed our friends who were wasting many hours of their day for us. When we got back an hour later she hadnt even started on it and had two people in line before us. What the crap. By the time she got to us and typed everything up my hubbies 2 hour extended lunch had turned into 4 hours. But hey we walked out of their with the birth cirt and a marriage lic that we can use for any other legal matters here.
Finlay thats done now to start gathering papers for the babies U.S. citizen paperwork which is a lot more stuff. But we are determined to do everything needed for both counties and our kids will have a choice of where to live unlike us. Also when we go to get the babies papers I have to renew mine and my 2 year olds passports. That will be a fun trip Im sure.
Yahooooo gotta love legal crap and paper work.


  1. Sounds a lot like what we just went through with our 4 year old son. We were also sent to the DIF, for a paper stating that the child was indeed our son and we had to take 2 different witnesses! What a hassle, but well worth it!

  2. Leslie, hey nice to see you on the blog, I look forward to checking yours out. My husband is so bad about not filling me in on the traditions of Mexico but Im getting it and I do want my kids to join in on them. Although we are not Catholic so there are some that we wont join in on but for the most part we can.