Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For weeks I have been wishing for more than 2 hour sleep intervals. I have finally gotten it, we are up to 3 1/2 hours at a time at night now. But now I'm getting closer to my normal energy level which I haven't been at since I was 3months prego. I have been asking to get some pictures printed so I can do a scrap book because I could feel this coming on and we just haven't gotten to go do it. I explained to Issac today that I need a project like today or I'm gonna lose it. He said "Don't you still have that blog thing going." Well sure I do but geeesss you can only check this like once a day, and if I blog more than I do now I'm afraid it will get quiet boring and be about my moods and feelings. :)lol But seriously I don't think I have more than what I already write about to write about, if you know what I mean. I belted out all my baby sewing projects before the baby and I want to make cloths for my 2 year old but have to go get patterns and fabric first. Ahhhhhhhh I just want to go get and do these things by myself but Im still not sure about taking both girls out without my hubby yet. I know Ill get there but not yet. So Im feeling a little nutz at the house today. I reorganized our closet if that tells you anything. So lets hope for my blogs readers sake and for my sanity that I soon get a project to work on that will inspire me to write interesting things. Actually we did go to an expo or fair the other day and I will blog on that a little but it will be kinda short.

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