Monday, February 14, 2011

Undo me

This is the title to an old song by Jennifer Knapp that Iv always loved and that always seems to be on hand when I need it. I recently went through a process that was both scary and frustrating. But you know what during it all I just knew that God would pull us through. I held on to the truth of his word and remembered all the times he has provided for my family at just the right time. And guess what guys he did. We were provided for and not only that but also given a certainty that this type of things shouldn't happen again any time soon. This faith that I had is something that God has been working on in my heart for years. I cant explain to you how thankful I was to him for the peace I felt the whole time. But guess what I will forever be a work in progress, as we all are. God will continue to put me through his fire to purify me, because I'm to chalked full of self, and the world to be purified completely while I still breath the air of this world God made. So now he is working on me with dealing with anger and tranquility. The song I spoke of above is about God undoing us and changing us into a person more like Jesus. And in this case it has reminded me that I am not innocent of hurting others and sometimes even those who I actually care about. Sometimes even I do stupid things that may hurt someone so who am I to judge and be angry and another person for the same. I look at my situation and realize that Christ would forgive, and turn his cheek. He would do this even though he knew he would probably have to do it again soon. Moving on and letting go of the anger I feel is not going to be easy but I know that's what I need to do. I'm thankful for a conversation with a good friend last night who reminded me that sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and push through the moment. The funny thing is all of this and other things she said to me is the kind of stuff I tell people all the time. But dang it when your the one in the situation its hard to remember you own good advise. Its so nice to have friends again who I can call when I'm frustrated and need to vent. So after a lot of prayer, venting, and chatting with friends and my husband I know I can come out on the other side undone. Meaning I'm letting God rebuild me. Here are the lyrics to that song.

Undo Me by Jennifer Knapp
Papa, I think I messed up again
Was it something I did?
Was it something I said?
I don't mean to do you wrong
It's just the way of human nature!

Sister, I know I let you down
I can tell by the fact
You never come around
You don't have to say a thing
I can tell by your eyes
Exactly what you mean

That it's time
To get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord,
Undo me.

Mama, I know I made you cry
But I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
While the world shook its head in shame
I let you take the blame

Brother, I know you labored
So hard to please
But I cut you down
And I left you on your knees
Well I know it must be

Time to get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord

I am wanting, needing, guilty and greedy
Unrighteous, unholy; undo me. Undo me!

Abba Father You must wonder why
More times than Peter I have denied.
Three nails and a cross to prove
I owe my life eternally to you!

And it's time
To get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord,
Undo me

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