Thursday, February 24, 2011

FM2 renewal what I needed

Here is the list for the original renewal:
1) The form from with signature (on the left side click solicitudes de Tramites, under estancia click vivo en mexico y quiero, the first line is extender la estancia, and the secound would be refrendo de inmigrante, Then your info)

2)A full copy of and the origianl of your FM2

3)Proof of pay

4)A written statement of truth for what you are applying for.

5)5 photos 2.5 x 3cm, 3 in front 2 of side (most places close to the office know exactly what to give you if you just tell them what its for)

Always make tow copies of everything, and if your FM2 is familial or under someone else get a couple copies of their ID

I also always have an extra full copy of my passport in case its needed.

Address change list.
This time around all we needed was the new lease and an electric or water bill to prove we lived there.

Please note: Always go into your office and ask for what you need. I hear some offices may differ.


  1. Sounds about the same as the requirements for an FM3 renewal! (I've heard the FM2 is more expensive, though)

  2. I think the FM2 might be more expensive but with the FM3 you can not move into getting citizenship which is my goal.