Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The cold hard truth and a dream

There are a lot of "cold hard truths" in life.  We learn these things at a young age and learn to accept that life isn't always fair. But there are also dreams and "desires of the heart" that are given to each person. Each are unique and special. Each has breath and life and come to being through the creator. As always I know not all my readers have the same beliefs as me but for me and my dreams they are from my Father and Friend.

One cold hard truth we have come to realize is no matter how hard we work we will never be able to have enough money to visit my family in the states or provide a future which includes collage for our kids. I haven't seen my family in Missouri in almost three years and we do not see any sign of us ever being able to go back to visit. As far as daily life in Mexico, although insanely frustrating at times, it is livable. I have a decent job and we are raising our children the way we see fit. The main thing we are thankful for is that we are all healthy and together. But the fact that I will never be able to pay off my school debts in the states (which may hinder my daughters collage future) nor see my family is weighing heavily on me.

Many times in my life God has helped me to know my next step through odd encounters or what many would call coincidences.  During  an otherwise uneventful two week span I had three people ask me why I hadn't looked into working in Canada. One of which was so persistent he gave me his number in case I needed help getting in contact with doctors there. With that Issac and I began talking with each other and with God about this idea. We have made the decision to pursue living in Canada.

So this now goes into the dream. Many times the "cold hard truths" of life leads us to better opportunities. Maybe this is one of them. Our one focused prayer in all of this is that we can make the transition without being separated. The two years Issac and I were in different countries were the worst years of both of our lives. Even the frustrations of moving to Mexico, learning Spanish, and working in a stifling environment doesn't compare. So far the only problem we see with the Immigration process is paying for it. I easily qualify as a skilled worker and am beginning my process of applying to the nursing board in Alberta.

From what I understand here is the process: I apply to the board and they review my transcripts (fee)- they make a decision on if I'm eligible to take an assessment which includes me being in Canada for a little more than a week (money).  Then if I pass their assessment I do my Skilled worker application (big fee) and hopefully can manage a job offer before moving so the paperwork will go faster. With that qualification I could get hired on as a nurse assistant or student nurse in Canada (moving expenses)  and have one year to take the exam (fee).

We are still unsure as to how we will get enough to pay all the application fees and to actually move. At this point I'm just trusting that God will help us to get the money. Humility and asking for help are things that have always been a bit hard for me and I feel that this is exactly what I'm going to have to do. So now I am going to do just that.

My next post will be a clear break down of all the fees and charges that we will be expected to pay. If I have any readers who would be willing to help us out at all we appreciate it.Also we ask that all of you who can please join us in prayer. I truly believe in the power of prayer and I ask for those of you who can please pray for us in this process, and above all that we are able to stay together as a family.

What Gods will is for our life is what we want, We are going to put forth the actions we know we can and lean on faith that if this is what God has for us that he will open doors opportunities for us.


  1. I am a Canadian and really love your blog. I also know a lot about Canadian Immigration since I was considering becoming a consultant after I finished university and am currently in the process of sponsoring my (Mexican) spouse to Canada. Alberta is always looking for workers has very high mimimum wage. It also has very low taxes and a lot of natural beauty. I really hope everything works out for you and your family and if you need any advice on the culture or anything at all I am happy to help.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I am really excited about this next chapter in your family's life. I am so so so happy, insanely happy. You will make it, I know you will. The process is long and tedious and there is a lot of paperwork, but you are so qualified and I know you will all get your landing visas in the end. As you know, there is a Canadian Visa Office in Guadalajara. That's where I applied for and got my Canadian student visa and my husband got his spousal visa. They are very nice and helpful at that office (it's not worth it to go to the Canadian Embassy in DF), and they will even give you tips and advice on how to present your best application. And don't forget Julia. She can give you lots of advice on how to do it. They landed in Canada 4 years ago, and now she, her husband, and their son are full fledged Canadian citizens! They live in Victoria, BC.

  3. Wow, so many thoughts about that one. Your family deserves so much and I hope you find the place where you guys can feel like a true family again. On the other hand, it's a hard journey ahead if Corin's tale is anything to go by. I wish you guys the strength and fortitude to stick to your dreams because without them, life is bleak. I don't think I could go three years without my family either. I would be happy to help in any way possible so I'll start brainstorming some fundraising ideas. Alberta is a long way from me (at least I think so, my Canadian geography sucks slightly less than my Mexican geography does, lol).


  4. I'm praying for you guys! I love ya'll! CANADA OR BUST!

  5. Amanda, I know it would be very difficult emotionally but couldn't you find a job in the states to raise the money? I have nurse friends who work nob but live here. I cannot imagine doing it for a long time but just long enough to get a set sum might be okay.
    I admire the way you look at the world and really listen to what is happening around you. God puts solutions out there for us, we just have to be silent and listen. I tell my kids, there are always choices, just sometimes you won't like any of them.

  6. Praying for you and Isaac. Please post what your needs are specifically. We will try to help however we can.

  7. Our hearts and prayers are with you both, Love you :0) The Chaney's

  8. ahh goodluck on your immigration process :) that's so exciting!
    My man and I are applying through immigration right now as well to Canada (not skilled worker route though but I'm sponsoring him as my spouse as I'm Canadian)
    If you haven't already found it, a GREAT website for help, encouragement, resources etc is this form:


  9. I can't afford to help you financially, but you are in my prayers.

    I think, we will eventually try to figure a way to move to Canada.

  10. Just a head's up to anyone who might be looking to immigrate to Canada one day. You lose points for every year that you are older than age 49, so start the process while you are still young. The more years of skilled work experience that you have, and the more recent those years of experience are, the better. And if you have a 4 year university degree and have work experience in your field, you might have enough points already to apply for immigrant status. Every thing must be documented, so it's always a good idea to start collecting documentation as soon as possible, letters from bosses, anything and everything, including photographs of you on the job, diplomas, degrees, certificates.....anything you can think of.

  11. Mexi-can Me- Please keep reading and let me know if you have any tips to help us out. To be honest I hadn't thought of the culture thing. I just assumed it was so similar to the US that I wouldn't have any trouble. But I guess we will see. jajajaj

    Gail- Your words are always such great moral support. I will for sure check out your friend. I had no idea there was an embassy here nor did my husband so already that was a lot of help. That means I can do more of the paperwork and my sister doesn't have to do so much.

    Armymustang- Your right we know its not going to be easy and that there is a possibility that it may not work out. We just have to try and see if God opens the doors for us. If not our true dream is to be together as a family and that's more important than the other stuff.
    Jake, One small Voz, Chaneys, and Stephani- Prayers and moral support are what are going to carry us through this. Keep reading and loving on us and we will end up where God sees fit. ;)

    Theresa, If it comes down to that we may do it but my girls are still really small and it would really just tear me and my husband up to be without them. Our honest prayer is that God will reward are hard work no matter where we do it and help us to do this without having to split up.

    Fritp- Great to have someone else along for the ride and your so much further in the ride than we are. I look forward to reading your story. I hadnt seen that page and will be bookmarking it today. Thank you.

  12. Hey Amanda, as you know, I'm Canadian and from Calgary, Alberta.... Where are you guys thinking of moving in Alberta?
    I know that Albertas economy is very strong, but that brings a high cost of living...Not to discourage you, but to prepare you. Winters are cold, but summers are nice.

    Nursing is a field where they are always looking for workers. You being an American will have no issue in getting a job here. Please let me know if you need any information from my end! I have many nurse friends all over Western Canada.

    Another bonus? I hear that Alberta wages for nurses are amongst the top in the country!! YAY!

  13. Nurses are covered under NAFTA and don't require a labor market opinion to get a job offer. If you can become registered in Canada you can work and they will pay for your temporary work visa. You are then working for good money (and together with your family) and can apply for permanant residency through either a provincial nominee program or federal skilled worker program. Check out www.healthmatchbc.ca for British Columbia. I'm sure Alberta has a similar program if that's where you want to go. If you haven't already... go to www.cic.gc.ca

  14. I wish I had followed your blog more consistently. I'm very exited for you in your new mission to emigrate to Canada. Yeah, now that I think about it, I wonder why you hadn't considered it earlier. I had gotten the impression that you had finally decided to put down roots in Mexico and had finally assimilated to the point that you would continue to live there. It sounds that life down there has many challenges, especially if you are raising a family. I wish you all the best, Amanda. I know things will work out to your satisfaction eventually. I'm also so impressed by the community of followers you have that seem to have such a wealth of information for you. I've been tempted to start blogging, but really don't consider myself a writer..I'm very lazy. :P
    My in-laws are Mexican natives and are now old and dealing with the health care system there. I wish I knew how to help them more with finding the most economical approach to getting them quality care. So your posts about working in the system drew me back to your blog. If you know of some good sites that can offer assistance (that are also in English!) let me know! Again, I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear how your journey progresses.

  15. We have considered moving to Canada as well, I will definitely stay posted to learn more about it. I am very excited for you and have faith in God he will help you. Good luck!

  16. Anon, thanks so much for the info. Id actually just recently stumbled over the whole NAFTA thing but that actually doesnt help me until I get my nursing lic transferred to Canada. Thats what my next post is about. ;)
    pdx- I had settled in and figured my life would be forever here. But sometimes when you get settled God brings little coincidences and birdies to tell you otherwise. So were testing the open doors to see if they will stay open or not.
    Irma- I will for sure be posting the whole way. ;)

  17. Wow...I'm extremely touched by your story, it has actually made me feel as if "I'm not alone". I'm a canadian woman married to a mexican man since 2009 of august...and have been struggling to get all funds needed to get process on the go. Is unfoutunate that in life our love has no bounders nor does it see colour, is an inner emotion in which we feel for another human being. It would be great if the processes for you, I and may many others was a simple as just loving them. Like I have said through these years, is hard to really know or understand unless you have/are going through a similar situation....and form the bottom of my heart, I feel for your family and is even harder that they are children involved. I hope you realize that you are spreading hope and determination to other whom can relate to your story. Faith, love hope and prayers is what keeps me going and now the thought of your family. Thank you kindly for sharing your story, and boosting my faith love and hope to a new high. I wish you and your family nothing but the best, I will included you in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely touched, and know your family is not alone either...thanks again,

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