Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big News

No, we haven't gotten our clarification ultrasound yet so this is not to tell you the sex of our baby. But because of what I'm getting ready to tell you we can now go get the ultrasound. God is so amazing and works in ways that we would never dream up or imagine (and I have a huge imagination).
Ok so do I have your attention yet.... are you curious? lol

Well here is how the story goes...

A little over a week ago I received an e-mail from a friend (who I meet through blogging http://wagamamawonderings.blogspot.com/). It was nice and simple and had a link to a job req on creigs list. She simply stated she thought of me when she saw it (we are convinced now that God put my name in her mind at that moment). Out of curiosity I clicked on the site. It was a job posting for a nurse to work in Guadalajara teaching nurses how to pass the nursing exam that is required in the US. That night I told my husband about it and we decided although we were not exactly looking for a job that since it was sent to us maybe we should check into it, in case it was from God.
Last week I sent in my resume and they quickly responded with an application for me to fill out. I did this, still not thinking much of this because as you all know I have been down this road before and it didn't turn out well. But I got another quick response, they wanted to meet me. It just so happened that the president of the co would be in Guadalajara the following weekend and wanted to meet me. He also would like to do a casual phone interview and see a picture of me before we meet in person. So I sent them my new majic jack phone number (thanks again Rebecca) and a cropped head shot of me. I talked to Issac about all of it and we decided we could head up to Guad on Sat after Issac got off work to meet them if I felt the phone conversation went well. We were a little unsure because just to make this trip we were literally going to use every last penny in our savings to get there. Needless to say the phone conversation went great and this guy was very friendly and open to options. He mentioned at the time that he was also looking to have an English teacher and if I or my husband wanted it that would be more money for us. This sounded great except that being in a new city we would want one of us at home and we planned on mentioning this at our meeting. Thankfully we were able to get Issacs aunt and grandma to come over and sit with the girls that after noon and evening so we were comfortable with where they were and we didn't have to tug them a long with us.

The meeting went better than either of us could have ever dreamed. And thankfully we were better than what they thought they could have found also. My husbands English is close to perfect and to be honest he knows the ends and outs of grammar better than I do. OK I'm sure you believe that you all read my blog. lol Not only am I nurse but I have a lot of experience educating other nurses and my Spanish is good enough to help me convey what I need to to these nurses in both English and Spanish. So there you have it we were both hired and told so that night before we even left. I will be completing all the paper work by mid next week and my start date is the 1st of October. The classes do not start until Jan 1st but the next few months will part time work recruiting nurses who want to enroll in the school. We will be traveling to conventions, hospitals, and schools to get our name out there and get our student enrollment up. Im so excited about all these opportunities. I get to go to Zacatecas with them for my first assignment the 1st of October. This will be a whole new experience for me and Issac because he will be staying with the girls. Speaking of which they were totally ok with being sure that our classes are spaced in a way that we will have plenty of time to switch of with the kids. Seriously we would have never dreamed up a more perfect situation for ourselves. This weekend we will be in Guadalajara looking for a house, bank, school for Alana, etc. etc. So all who pray shoot one up for us. I'm convinced that this is from God so I know he will help us to get all things in order by the right time but extra prayers are always good. ;)

Dios Sabe, verdad!!!!!!

I was telling a friend the other day, I wonder if God will always turn me on my head when I least expect it. Most likely the answer is yes, its called refinement, hes making me into his diamond and I'm loving it. Just seeing what he has done inside of me over the last two years even is amazing. The old Amanda right now would not be sleeping, Id be biting my lips, Id be fretting. But not now.. the what ifs are not coming.. the how will we such and such is not coming. I'm secure in the fact that God will carry us through this. Sure we have to do the leg work and investigation on things, but he will provide all things in the end.


  1. Yay! Wow, how cool is that. Good job, guys.
    Now. Guad is way fun, many people live there safely, but it can be a weeee bit edgy sometimes. Watch the news so you can get an idea of what happens around Guad, esp at night and on weekends. Be careful to rent in a good neighborhood. Guad is also great fun! Lots to do, kids will love the zoo, so many things.
    And, you can shoot down here sometime to the lake and I can meet up with y'all. I'll take you over to Cruz Roja so you can meet everyone. Maybe you can do some networking there too!

  2. This sounds awesome! I'm so happy for you :-) Congratulations and may God help you work out all the details!

  3. Good for you Amanda! I wish for you and your little family all the best. ¡Cuídense mucho!

  4. That is so wonderful. Congratulations. You know everything does happen for a reason so there is no need to worry. Everything always works out. I'm so happy for you. There is a girl at my school that looks so much like you, when I see her I always feel like its you.

  5. I am so happy for you. This is absolutly wonderful news. ou deserve it- you both do and I know that it is going to be wonderful for your family. Congrats again chica!

  6. Ohhhh Amanda, that is amazing news!! I couldn´t think of two ppl who deserved it more. Good luck with everything, and please keep us all informed!! Make sure to let our girl Refried know!!! She´ll be happy to know you are in da house! LOL!!! YAY!! Hugs your way... :)

  7. Fantastic! I'm happy for you and the family.

  8. Fantastic! I'm happy for you and the family.

  9. AMAZING!!!! i wish i could be here when you get here... but i'll be back the 7th and whatever you need help with.... I"M THERE!!!! :) CONGRATS!!!

  10. God is good to his faithful servants 8)

    I am so happy for you and so excited you will be that much closer so we can plan some more visits!

    Love you guys!

  11. Congratulations Amanda! So happy for you and Isaac. =)

  12. What great news! Congratulations. That's so wonderful!

  13. That is AMAZING that you got a job you're PERFECTLY suited for! and they're hiring your husband, too! AND helping out with your schedule!

    God really does surprise us sometimes :)

  14. one of the best news i've read on a blog, and it couldn't have fallen into the laps of two better people.

    looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the big city! AND you can get peanut butter in big jars!!

  15. Amanda, I am so very happy for you and Isaac! I can't think of a more deserving couple! Love to you both and may God continue to bless your family. :)

  16. Really, really nice. Hope you all enjoy it even more than you think you will. Good luck, and God bless.

  17. wow, I am overcome with happiness for you! You are the sort of positive person who deserves good things! I hope you don't stop blogging. They say that lucky people make their own luck because they see those oppertunities and take them. I can see things just getting better and better for you and Issac, because you are atune to those openings.
    Grammer and spelling aside, he is a good choice because he probably pronounces each and every word separately, whereas native speakers tend to run it all together into one long word.


  18. Amen, to everything so said! I'm so happy for you guys, I even got a little teary. Dios aprieta, pero no ahorca! :)

  19. I came upon your blog thru leslie's and i love bothblogs>it would of helped me so much to like this bordertown better when my dh was going thru img proc. too ,i was thinking about you ok, have you ever thought about a mx bordertown and maybe you could work in the US and travel back and forth each day alot of ppl do that here. and plus you get to shop american stuff maybe your girls could even attend american school. That's only my suggestion. I know they say the ugliest news about Reynosa but their are some good place there and then there is the Rio Grande Valley right there. By the way did i mention I love your blog and always looking forward to read a new post thanks...(oh, btw my cousin an RN attends to one of those schools in Reynosa i thinks is cheaper ) Like i mentioned just my suggestion .

  20. wow!!! I am really behind!! How far along are you?
    I guess by the time you get this you will be in a new house and everything!
    I am soooo happy for you!!

  21. Thanks everyone for the well wishing. Things are moving along on Mexican time (and of course Gods time,lol).
    Trailrunner-for sure we are excited about being closer to Joco. Im so ready to visit and now with this job we should have the time and the money to do so.
    PV girl- good to hear from you and yes God works all out for us.
    Mexican Time- for sure I let her know but shes out of the country I think till the end of this week. ;)
    Dreamer if your off this weekend and feel like getting out, which I doubt after you being gone for so long you all could come by and check out the house. I'm really hoping we are in it by then.
    Vadosa- Gee girl no time no hear, I hope you are doing well, if you get your blog going again please send me a link. I miss laughing hysterically at your quick humor.
    Alice- again props go to you for bringing this our way. Thank you so much.
    Leslie now you will have to let me know if you all are ever in Guad. We miss your family.
    Anon number 2- We will never live near the boarder unless God picks me up himself and sets me there. With two kids (almost 3) I feel its much safer and better for them for us to be as far from the violance as possible. Going to the states often and getting "american stuff" just isnt worth the risks for me. And after living in a small town for two years living in Guad is going to feel pretty darn close to living in the states. ;) And on top of that Ill be making American dollars, working as a nurse, using my lic, and not breaking my back doing it. We waited and for once in my life was content and God provided this wonderful oportunity. Im just still so amazed by it. Thank you for reading and for your comments.

  22. WOW I have not been on here in a couple of months, and so much has changed! I am never online! opps But wow congrats! That is like the best news ever!! WOW, congrats and I can wait to see pics and hear all about the new life! I hear that is such a nice city! Congrats! YEA so excited for you guys!

  23. I could really use some of you expertise. I have a friend that is in mexico and is an american citizen. She had to go to mexico because her husband got deported. She is due to have her baby soon and is seeking out coming back to the usa to have it so she has no hassle having her baby be an american citizen. Are there any hospitals that are on american soil there...she is in michocoan.

  24. Debbie sorry it took me a bit I hope shes not due any day now because she has a lot to plan and think about. Basically if you have your baby here its not to big of a deal to get their US papers done it just takes a lot of paperwork and a little time. So it depends on how long shes gonna be in Mexico. I dont know what the hospitals are like where she is but around here for a private one it runs closet to 2,000usd to have a baby and then dr visits are about 500p a visit. They are nice and well run and I liked having my second daughter in one and now am looking forward to having this one here. If shes gonna travel back to the states I hope she has insurance there still because the cost will run much higher. If she wants some info on getting the babies papers just go to the US consulate web site. Also I wrote a few blogs about the process with Joslin that may fill in a few blanks from the web site.