Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Move

Ok its taking me forever to get this out. Here is your warning that I am not going to read over this before I post it. If something doesn't make since just ask. lol
Its over but was not even close to being smooth. Seriously I know that patience is a vurtue that I need a lot of work with. Since moving to Mexico I have done much better with this, but I am still challenged to my brink sometimes. Let me tell you if what happened to us after me posting my last post had happened two years ago I would have been physically ill with stress. And although I wanted to reach out and rip a few heads off I actually tolerated it pretty well. Its not always about how you feel or what you want to do but what you actually do. ;) This is a change that can only be attributed to the work God has done in my life. Basically I just kept reminding myself of how he has never... ever... ever let me down or left me in the streets. And that kept me as cool as I could be.
The evening that I wrote my last post we got a call from our lovely reltor friend to say that the papers we had were not enough. Right away we told her to forget it all and we would look for another place. We told her we would need what we had given her so we could use it somewhere else. She told us to call next time we were in Guad and she would meet us to give us the papers back. At this point we were waiting on the call from the truck guys who were to help us move. We just figured we would let them know it fell through and that we would get back to them when we needed them. We also had a good friend and a cousin of ours "on hold" as far as helping us with the move. Around 7pm the relater called back and said as long as they could get a copy of my FM2 papers everything would be ok. We were a little skeptical but told her we would go with it. The truck guys called us at 8pm and agreed that 10am the next day was best for them anyway. I then called our friend who was on stand by and he also agreed. So as late as 9pm the night before we realized we were really moving the next day. Issac and I spent the next few hours packing last min items and tapeing up all the boxes. (we had left most of them open in case)
The movers were actually there early and had almost everything loaded before any of our other help showed up. On the lunch break one of the guys said, " its really rare we show up and people have everything packed up and ready to go." Then the other guy looked at him and said,"Actually, it hasn't ever happened before today." Issac and I found this amusing.
Thankfully I then went with our friend in his truck and had the movers follow me to the house. We actually only had to turn around one time and it was within the neighborhood that we were moving to. We arrived with all our stuff at the house around 2pm. This is also when Issac arrived to meet with the reltor to get the keys and sign the contract. She called him when he was about 15min away and said the contract wouldnt be ready until 5pm. He explained to here that we had hired people waiting at the house and could we have the keys to let them put our stuff in the house. The answere was no and that we couldnt have keys until the contract was signed. To say the least Issac was livid, they also informed him that he needed to get another copy of the fiodors ID. So Issac then had to turn around and head to a different part of Guad to get that copy made and proceded to the notaries to see if he could convince them to bring the keys. They were stuborn about the keys but gave us the ok to have our truck unloaded into the parking area of the house. Our movers put my entire house in the front yard basically of this this house and long story shorter, lol, we sat outside until 630pm when they land lady showed up with the keys. By this point I had meet a lot of the neighboors and found out there is a guy that kind of works the area and has for many years. He along with my friend who had stuck with us through all this ended helping move all our stuff inside. We simply set up the beds and crashed that night. We then had the whole weekend to get things together at the house and my first day of work was that Tuesday.
So thank God we are done dealing with the reltor and only have to deal with the land lady who is actually a very punctual and nice lady. The only issue we had witht he house was that the water wasnt working right but it has an underground resivour and a pump that we used until we figured out how to get the water service connected. Now we have our net and water and are happy campers. Im so thankfull for everyones prayers and well wishes. Somehow God was able to give me that peace that passes understanding during all this. A lot of it was because he provided me with fellowship during the wait. Our friend who helped us is a fellow Christian and it was good to have him around. Ill post about the job in a different post and pictures are to come later maybe not till next week of the house.


  1. Goodness, I guess that I had better start memorizing the serenity prayer to chant over and over when I get down there. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to things like moving and hooking up utilities and the like. I'm glad to hear you're in it now so fill us in on the rest of the details when you can!

  2. Amanda,
    Good for you, Issac, and the kids! Onward and upward. May God bless your new home and all of your new endeavors.

  3. I am glad that your move went as smooth as it did. Only people living in Mexico will understand that that was actually pretty smooth. I have a very important question. Where in the world do I go to get my FM2 or FM3? I am so confused on this whole process. Any help you could give me would be great. My time is up on Dec. 12 if I do not get the FM2 or FM3. Thank you so much!

  4. Glad to hear your safe and sound!

  5. Yay! Congrats! Such exciting things for your family :)

    Can't wait to see pictures

  6. oh, wow, everything sitting out in front of your house and you still weren't sure if the house was yours?!?! that would put me over the edge.

    so glad you're moved in. now tell us about that awesome job (and how hubby is doing as the househusband :))

  7. Krystal- I was one of the worst, I believe if its a part of your job just do it, do it quick and do it right. And when this doesn't happen I get very frustrated. Believe me I blew my top more than Im proud to say when I first moved here but Im slowly getting better. Im not sure that anything except God and frequent experiences could have helped me.
    Bob- Thanks and yes God is already showing us so many blessings.
    Jill-Your right it could have been a lot worse. As for the FM2 or 3 you should get a 2 so that it will be easier to change to a perm resident or citizen in the future and you should go to the INM office near you. Here is their link
    Also if your interested in reading my experience with it all I have 29 posts under Mexican Immigration, you could pick through those.
    Rebeca and gringation- THanks ;)
    Alice- Honestly had my friend not stuck around like he did Im not sure I could have held it together. The worst was that the 4yr old had an accident because there wasn't a bathroom close and she was all upset about it. I kept having to tell her it was mommies fault and not hers.

  8. I am so excited for you. What a big change and a great opportunity- I cannot wait to see the pictures.