Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mexican citizenship on hold.

Well Im not to happy to write this post nor am I excited about the reasons behind it. This is only a temorary hold but not one I was expecting or wanting. But as the saying goes, "ni modo." God knows best and it looks like we have to wait until after november. I recently had a question by one of my readers about if I have a lawyer an if they should get one. We have never used a lawyer for the immigration process and dont plan to for the citizenship. You do not need one but if you have the money and are willing to spend it you will have a much smother process than I have. This is only one example.

The requisit that we over looked is that you have to have at least 6months left on your current visa. My FM2 is up in December giving me only four months. The guy who was there to accept my application was so nice and worked with us very much. This is one reason we will not get a lawyer. This guy is not going to let us screw up if its not our intention. I say it that way because he basically counceled us on the best way to do things and said that if we chose to go ahead and file now he would have accepted out application. More or less he said if we had applied in July we would have had a better chance of D.F. overlooking the 6month rule. He also said that we could still apply and hope for them to over look it. He suggested for us to wait because if they did not over look it we may have to wait quite some time to get our money and paperwork back. This would cause a problem with my renewal on my FM2 in December. He said that our paperwork was complete but gave us some suggestions on how to polish it up a bit for a better chance at me getting it. He also gave us a better idea of what the interview would be and told me I needed to practice my spanish some more. (I was so nervous and was having a lot of difficulty speaking.) I think just being in the office one extra time before the actuall interview will help me.
I know in the long run having to wait is going to be better for the over all outcome but it came as a blow. I cried most of the way back to work.

Here is our current situation.

  • We have to go to Tepa to get a different official copy of our marriage lic.,
  •  I will renew my FM2 in November (one month before its up) and have to pay that stinking thing one more time,
  •  my husband will then go to D.F. again for my carta (because by then the one we have will not be valid we are hoping me and the girls can go next time so we can visit with family),
  •  He suggested that I get another cirtified copy of my birth cirtificate because the one I hade was not blue but we are not going to do that, 
  • copy all pages of my passport (we only had the info page), 
  • get a migratory flow letter from Immigration (we will ask for this when I renew,apparently it only takes like a day to get it),
  •  Try to find a copy of my FM2 booklet( they recently went to a card form which for some reason does not have a certain number that he said could be helpfull to them, basically immigration doesnt use this number but external affairs does)
  • Make three copies of all forms.
  • He also suggested I read a book called Mexico tiera volcanos along with the book that is on the webpage. (
  • Again I want to give you the list that is provided by the office, or actually the web page(
He was also kind enough to give us all his contact information in case we had questions later. This guy was extreamly helpful, and again this is why we will not be getting a lawyer. 


  1. Wow! I agree, if the guy is helpful then, why pay that extra expense. Good luck with the citizenship process, I am just starting the Fm3. I find that one difficult. :)

  2. Oh Amanda, I felt so bad when I read that you cried almost all the way back to work. These kinds of things can be extremely frustrating and thank goodness that the man that helped you guys was so helpful. Hang in there and as cliche as it sounds, it's true. Everything does happen for a reason, even though we don't understand it at the moment.

  3. Wow, he was very helpful! At Cancun immigration, they're not nearly that nice haha I think they're too busy :S

    Good luck over the next few months.

  4. Can you apply for permanent residency this year? That's my plan, because then I don't have to worry about my visa being renewed etc. I am going to apply to be residente permanente because I think I qualify under the new rules. This doesn't expire so that fee is gone.

  5. Stephanie it gets easier each time. Just be patient and expect a long wait and to be told you need at least one more thing each time you go to the counter then you will never be let down. lol ;)

    Jackie- I have since calmed down and realize its not the end of the world. ;) How are you by the way?

    gringation- Im sorry to hear they are not helpfull. I do want to make sure you realize that its not actually the same people you go to for your FM, that is migracion, these people are something to the effect of external services, they are a completely differnt office. Immigration is always packed but these guys are pretty slow.

    Theresa- I think residency is a good option for some. But for me Im planning on spending the rest of my days here and I would like to be paying into the social security and be able to get seguro easier and all the other befits of citizenship. One of those is infonovit if I and my husband are paying into that we will be able to get a house much quicker.

  6. Hi! I am a Peruvian living in Baja California Sur. I am having a really hard time doing the naturalization. When I finally got all the documents I needed, the "antecedentes no penales federales" were about to expire and they said that I need to get a new one... So I am planning to go to Mexico city to get it, more money!!!.... My question is, did they give you your money back? I paid the fee for it, almost 4 thousand pesos because I was told to do it but I am scared that when I am back with the antecedentes they tell me that my payment expired or something... They say it doesn't but I am tired of their surprises. I am going to Peru for two months so I won't be able to go to Mexico city until Sept. any advice? Frida

  7. Frida- Do be honest that is why we decided not to do it. I have decided to wait until I can apply for perm residency. Its the same fee as renewing your FM2 and really just one extra document to fill out. From what they told me nothing is refundable but also doenst expire like you said. I would suggest getting it done before you go back to peru if at all possible but if not I guess just hope for the best. At the least send a letter letting them know what the hold up is. Good luck and keep me posted Id like to hear more about how that goes for you. Im sorry if I wasnt much help but as you know the system is just unpredictable sometimes.