Thursday, November 17, 2011


And I don't just mean to blog land. This title is what I put on my facebook post my first day back in the hospital. For any new readers or anyone who just doesn't remember, I am an RN. I have so missed nursing over the last few years but it just wasn't possible at first for me to work. Its still pretty tough but for the most part I don't have any issues. We had an interesting first year in the city to say the least. But we are moving on and are so excited about the year to come. Nothing is ever perfect but we know that and when you are ready for it... well that makes it a little easier.

Basically let me tell you that we have literally taken a 50% pay cut, we moved to a smaller place (which we actually really like), and God blessed us with the fact that we don't have to change the girls school. That is the quick run down.

We didn't have any help with the move so that was a little tough but thankfully we are on the other side of it now. Lucky for you I didn't have net until now so you don't have to hear me complain. lol I still have quite a bit of organizing to do in the girls play area and pictures to hang but that can all be done poco a poco.

The first week of December I will be starting English Classes for the parents from the day care, and anyone else who wants to come. This will help me make up the cost that I owe the daycare. Basically it turns out she is just giving me a location (and clients) to hold the classes. Payments and everything for the class I will be dealing with directly. So now I get to still do the part that I enjoyed doing with the University and actually teach. I'm so excited about that.

Now back to the "I'm back baby part." I am loving the hospital, and I say this after driving home crying yesterday.  I had a pretty heavy day yesterday and then I had to talk with one of the supervisors about a few things that really were not that big of a deal but that were very frustrating to me. Basically I had a patient family member misinterpret my body language. The felt like I was nervous about starting their IV (which is actually something I enjoy doing). The thing is I'm not sure what it is about my body language that makes people think I'm nervous.  I have had the same problem with Issacs mom, and multiple other people. I admit I'm much more high strung than most people down here but I'm not nervous or anxious anymore. If anyone has an idea on what I might be doing that would portray this please let me know. I think getting some insite would help me out a lot. Really the tears just came from frustration and irritation that a patient would misread me. I never have had problems like that back in the states. And its just not something I'm use to. By this morning I had sucked it up and went back at it. That same patient was a lot more receptive to me today and I think realized that it was a misinterpretation. One good thing is we do have quite a few American or Canadian patients and I enjoy getting to help them out. I have interpreted quite a few times and even when they do have good Spanish it makes them feel better just to have a nurse to speak to in English. Right now I'm doing a lot of floor work and I think eventually they may have me doing more office type work but I'm really happy where I'm at. My husband is doing reservations for a rental company from the states and is really enjoying his job also.

Well that's quite a lot of blabbing for one day. I have so much to say about health care here and nursing here but I will save that for another blog. And really I would like to hear from all my readers to know if you would be interested in hearing that stuff. I get all excited about it but aside from the Mexican Trailrunner I'm not sure if you all are interested. Let me know please.


  1. Welcome back. It sounds like things are going pretty well for you and your family, Great news. I would love to learn more about the health care here, I have to say, yours was the first blog I ever found and all the info you share is always helpful. Hope to hear more soon. Take care.

  2. Yes! Yes! Fill us in! Really, who has the insider access that you do? Nobody! (OK, nobody I know. ;) ) Use that perspective, enlighten us!

    And it's good to hear from you again, Amanda!

  3. Love reading your blog. Praying for God’s blessings upon you!

  4. Thanks for the post! I had just started following you before your 'hiatus'. I am DEFINITELY interested in hearing what you have to say about health care and nursing! That would be a perspective you just don't get to see in the blogoshphere - and I think would provide good information. Thanks again for your blog!

  5. Hi Amanda-I am an American married to a man from Nayarit. We live in South Carolina. I really enjoy reading your blog, and getting the American perspective of Mexico. Thanks for letting me to get a glimpse of your world-

  6. Hi, it's me-anonymous Lori; sounds like my life--love my work but come home sometimes frustrated to the max, have also had big pay cut, and life seems too busy to even breathe sometimes. What I am wondering about is how the citizenship process is going for you--that is what I am starting soon. p.s. your Halloween pics are precious.

  7. Amanda, I love reading your blog and enjoy all that you share, thank you for a glimpse into your world!

  8. Well to everyone IM so glad you want to hear about medicine. I love to talk about it. For sure their will be many posts to come.
    Im so glad you all are still around to read even after I was gone for quite a bit. I hope to keep you all reading.

  9. Hey You!
    I'm interested, I want to hear it all! All the juicy stuff too. Don't leave anything out.
    I have a question for you. . .seems IMSS ( of which I am a member) is weeding most of us volumteer members out by re-implementing the rules of only emergency and accident benefits, I'm starting to look at Seguro Popular. What is your opinion of it? I know they outsource much of their medical care and I know a guy who had stents put in in Bernadette with SP for the total cost of a whopping 400 US. So, what do you know about SP? Compared to IMSS care? I suspect they're pretty equal.
    Glad to hear you're back sticking pts, keep a stiff upper lip and have great fun! I'm jealous. I have moved back into a little pueblo (San Antonio Tlayacapan) closer to Cruz Roja and will go back to 'working' there soon too. Yay for IVs! It is fun isn't it?

  10. Trailrunner- As I said I knew you would be in for all the gory details. lol
    As for Popular, from what we found in Tepa (we did use it) They actually had a bit better service. But oddly enough the doctors seemed tied to more regulations. But really I think they give good service and depending on where you are they have less patients which means more time spent with you.