Friday, December 23, 2011

FIL Feria Internacional de Libros

So here in Guad they hold an International book fair every year. This is the first year we have been able to go. When I mentioned at work that I wanted to go with my girls I was told about how they have an area you can leave your kids so you can go look around. Right away I mentioned that my girls would be so sad if I did such a thing. My girls love books. And even in the states I refused to leave my kids with people I don't know. I just cant see how that would be a good idea no matter where you are. The entrance fee was only 20p and the kids were all free. We all had a blast. We made it to the FIL on the second to last day and actually during the last two hours. Most of the books were way to expensive to actually buy but the girls thought it was so cool to see so many books and in different shapes and sizes. Every time there was a place provided they sat to "read." (Only the 5 yr old can really read, lol) They had a couple activities and the girls loved them. We did buy a few books, one of the stands had all the classics for only $25pesos so we bought quite a few of those and some activity books for the girls. On the way to our truck we stopped for tacos and they were sooooo yummy. Anyway this was a lot of fun and I hope we can experience it some more next year and go more than once.


  1. Hope your Christmas was great! Muchos gracias for all the updates, it's good to hear how other foreigners are living in Mexico.

    In. re. to the FM2, I thought it has to be sent to Mexico for apporoval? I have to renew mine in May so I hope the process will be as smooth here in Cd. Juarez.


  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It helps make me stronger in my journey.

  3. mrland- FM2s do not get sent to DF only the citizenship ones.

    Jennifer- That is the whole reason I write this blog, I hope I can help out a bit. ;)