Friday, December 10, 2010

The unmarked path is exciting and scary

First off I want to say that yesterday I was googling FM2 renewal because its that time of the year again and guess whose web site came up top of the list. Oh yeah that would be me, Borders Aside was the first page to come up. I laughed because here I am looking for any updated info and my page came up. Anyway that process is for another post when its all said and done I just wanted to brag about finding myself on google like that. lol

So about that unmarked path. Well when we got this job offer it seemed to good to be true and so we committed it to a lot of prayer and asked others to do the same for us. Issac and I both felt that moving and taking this job were the right thing to do. And we still do. But let me tell you it hasn't been as clean and clear as we had expected. Like most things in life I see this as Gods way of helping me to see where my faith lies. There have been many changes in just the two months since we stared. We are doing more than teaching which is all we expected at first. We are both doing a lot of soliciting, and are both writing a curriculum for different classes. I actually dont mind this Iv always wanted to try my hand at new things. I worked in the healthcare field at 15 1/2 and aside from a pizza job on the side for 6months its all Iv ever done. The other change is that sometimes... well... more than once we have have not gotten paid on time. And we know that the person who is suppose to be financing this program is more than a month late on paying. This is pretty stressful if you can imagine especially with the new move and new baby. On top of that our transmission is going out on our truck and we cant drive more than 40mph most of the time. We need a new vehicle anyway because we need more room and more seatbelts. Anyway I wont go on an on about that I think what Iv said can show you that this can be quite a stresser for us.
Im writing this because I want you all to be witness to the goodness and personal care of God. Christ is not only my Saviour he is my friend and doesnt like to see me stress. Especially when he has gotten me through so much in the past. Im sure it breaks his heart. I tried as much as I could not to stress but it happened anyway. My faith filled and always calm husband prayed over me and helped me through that day. He reminded me of all the tough times that God has pulled us out of. And his peace helped to sooth me. I cant be more thankful for what God has given me in my husband. So the Sunday after Lily was born and during the peak of all these (and a few more) issues we went to church. Yes she was only a week old but I was feeling good enough so we went. We tithed out of our past check even though we had still not received the new check (over a week late), because we had both prayed about it and we knew God would see us through. But let me tell you I didn't do it without a little fear in my heart. The sermon was perfect, he was talking about how we should respond to things that we do not understand. He spoke of Mary the mother of Jesus, and how imperfect she was. He had to go into this of course because living in Mexico even if you are not Catholic you may have been raised putting Mary into a higher place than she should be. Anyway I cant even imagine what her life must have been like raising him and knowing all that she knew. Anyway there is a verse that says that "she put all these things away in her heart." So even a women who had been spoken to by an angel and raised the Christ child didn't understand why God had her where she was. And when she didn't understand something she just tucked it away knowing that some day God would shine his light of understanding on it. so after church I told Issac that I am going to work on filling up my box and tucking it away to give to the Lord. God always knows the words we need to hear and gives them to us. Not always through a sermon, sometimes through the rustling of the trees or the words of a child, husband or friend. Later in the week here is a devotional I read (thanks Rebbecca Im reading Streams in the Desert and its perfect timing for it although you gave it to me like a year ago)
I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps. (Jeremiah 10:23)
Lead me in a straight path. (Psalm 27:11)
Many people want to direct God instead of surrendering themselves to be directed by Him. They want to show Him the way instead of submissively following where He leads. Madame Guyon.

I did skip a couple post that I still want to write and hopefully I ll have time for them this weekend but this one seemed more important.

Much love.


  1. Amanda,
    The best advice I ever received came from a doctor named Victor Galindo who saved my life with his wonderful surgical gift from Papa Dios. He said "Always keep peace in your heart" which is what I try to do. I find that it is the best medicine for both heart and soul.

  2. I was going through the same thing this week with a renter who is habitually late - I mean she's always 2-3 months behind and pays sparingly whenever she wants. I stress about this because like you, we need to fix our car, pay bills and eat. Saul does not make much at the resort and we rely on the rental income to make it.

    After stressing for several days, Saul came through and had a heart to heart with the lady. She paid up about half what she owed and all agreed that perhaps the rent was out of her range and it would be best for her to find another place. We were so relieved to be rid of that stress, and now hope to find a good renter to replace her - Lord willing.

    Keep faith, amiga. Things do pull through in the end. :-)

  3. What a great sermon at a perfect moment!

    Here in Mexico, I've definitely not been able to understand many things. Time, patience and trust shed light on most things :)

  4. I am very impressed with your faith. If more Christians practiced how you do the world would be a better place.

    Check "Surviving Yucatan"

    for information on renewing your FM2. There is information on my blog too, but it isn't as detailed. It's pretty easy now especially if you read and write Spanish.


  5. Praying for you guys. Miss you and lots of love.

  6. My son's girlfriend delivered a baby in Mexico City this afternoon while he was out buying supplies. When he returned to the hospital around 4pm the clinic would not let him see the baby or the girlfriend. They told him to come back tomorrow morning. Is this common. They have no insurance and not a lot of money so I don't think this was a hospital. He is American. Does he have any legal rights to the baby?

  7. Bob I try but Im a pretty high strung person and as much as I hate it its and on going struggle.
    Leah- that is a tough situation and like you said we just have to continue to be faithful.
    grinagtion-truly God knows the words I need to hear. ;)
    Rebbecca miss you to when you coming to town.
    Theresa if there were more Christians like me God better put them together with one like my hubby. Alot of my faith bleeds off of him. ;) And thanks for the FM2 ideas I actually didnt see your comment till after IM done now. lol That post to come next.
    Jerry he does have rights but I think as the father it may be harder to prove. He needs to visit the embassy closest to him to find out what he needs to do to prove hi is the father and help get the babies papers done.