Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The differences

I have been thinking lately about all the differences between living in a small town in Mexico and living in the city. My life has changed so drastically over the last 6 months sometimes its hard to remember what it was like before. Let me tell you for the most part all is so much better. Just to get it out of the way Ill start with the things that were better in the small town. We seem to be sick a lot more often here. Its like there are just more germs in the city. And... well... that's all the bad stuff so now we get to move on. One of the biggest realizations came a month or so ago. There are so many opportunities here for us. In the small town my husband was working almost 12 hours a day 6 days a week and it was so horrible for our family. We recently found out how easy it is and will be in the future for him to find a job that only requires 8 hours a day, he wont be bringing anything home, and he would get paid pretty well. Just knowing English here goes so far, where as in the small town it was just a novelty. This was huge when we figured this out. Its so freeing to know you dont have to put up with being walked on. The other thing is a social life. I actually have one!!!!! For those of you who have been reading a while you know that this was the big thing I missed from being in the states. Issac and I are both very social people. We love to be in a crowd and having get a together or even going to them is something we have always done so well at. That may sound funny but to be honest he and I have a hard time doing some things together. But we mesh so well when it comes to our kids or social events. I also love going places and just having such a span of a city to check out. There is still so much we haven't seen or done and there will be for some time. We actually have the option of seeing a movie at the theater in English now. We have Sams, Wal-Mart, Superama, better tiangis, and much better options when it comes to buying furniture for much cheaper. The girls have more options for different classes, for example we have Alana in dance now. She loves it and we are already looking forward to her performance in July. Most of all we have found our church. We actually had a family day at the park with church a couple weeks ago and it was so fun. Ill post some pics of it here. I am so overwhelmed by how much God has blessed my family. He really is good.


  1. Glad you love it there! Tepa was huge compared to where we are living. I am from a small town though and it doesn't really bother me. There are some things i miss (mainly shopping) but hey, not like i have a ton of extra money to spend anyways.

  2. So happy for you and Isaac, that you are happy in the city! It's interesting, because although Veracruz is a big city, there are no Americans or anyone else that have really warmed up to us, so the lack of socialization has been hard for us. Also the job market isn't great for a big city, and English only gets you an opportunity if you are a native speaker.

    So, we will likely be moving to a small town once I get back and make our way there. Although opportunity will be difficult, life for us in the big city hasn't proved to be worth the noise, trash, traffic, etc. In the small town we are moving to there are some Americans, so maybe we will actually have some FRIENDS to hang out with! How exciting!

    Hope to visit you guys someday, amiga. ;-)

  3. So glad ya'll are settling in! What a beautiful city :)

  4. So glad to hear things are coming along, that all the hardship is now paying off. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to hearing more about the wonderful and much deserved good things that are happening. Abrazos solidarios desde el norte :)

  5. Nice pictures of the family. The park looks really nice, very well maintained.

  6. Hey Amanda!
    Your littlest girl is SO CUTE!!!! I haven't really seen any pics of her. The smile is adorable! Praying for you!!!!

  7. What great photos! The park looks really nice too!

  8. Rebecca- you are an angle for deciding it was ok for you all to go to such a small town. I'm from a town a little bigger than Tepa so it seemed small to me. Also here in Mexico the smaller the town the stronger and wilder the beliefs get. I look forward to reading or hearing about more of your experiences with your neighbor lady. ;)
    Leah- The social life is a BIG deal so if you will have that in the smaller town Im sure it will be great. I would have loved Tepa if I had more friends there.
    gringation, mexiroccan- Thanks
    Trinidad and Jackie- Really it wasn't so much a park but someones property that rents it out for get togethers. But yes very well maintained and so nice.
    Abby- thanks girl there are tons of pics on my fb check them out.