Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our visitors

Our visitors left us Friday morning very early. They had been here a whole week and a half. The Kennedys and Bryan are some of our closest friends and we miss being able to hang out with them other than skype calls. While they were here we got a lot of time to hang out and just be together. Actually we got more of that than originally planned due to some illnesses and a break in. Tell you what Ill just get the bad news out and over with then tell you about the fun we had. On their second day here our house got broken into. Our brand new Xbox kinect (which they brought down for us due to how expensive electronics are here, the cash we had given them for all the stuff they brought us (which was ALOT), and their bag which had their camera and cell phone in it all got stolen. Along with the physical this person stole our sense of safety and comfort. Thankfully we as well as our visitors believe in the security of Christ and know that nothing will befall us that he will not see us through. After about a day of high tensions and I would have to say fear and anxiety on my part at least we all decided it was time to move past it and not let this person ruin their entire trip. Also about a day after that my dear friend Samantha was throwing up all night and took a few days to recover and once she recovered Bryan got sick at his stomach.

Now all that boohooo aside we did have some great times out and inside the house. We took them to some parks and everywhere we went we got to show them the Mexico we know. They also got to join in on our first bible study. We have started an English Bible study here at the house which we are so excited about. This meant a lot to us that we got to all have a study together. I will post more about our bible study later.
For now I want to share some pictures that I think show how much fun we had and how much we love these guys.
Thanks for coming!!


  1. I like Isaac's t-shirt! Were you guys in Veracruz recently??

  2. So sorry that your good friends had that happen when they were here! Looks like you all prevailed anyway and had a great time. It's good to see that NOTB friends and family DO come visit people that move to Mexico , I can only hope my friends and family do the same!!

  3. How scary, Sorry about the break in, The fear and anxiety would have definetly taken over me too. But it sounds like you guys did not let it ruin your week. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  4. Oh dear so sorry to hear about the break in. Glad you pushed to work through the feeling of being violated as it takes time.

    Also that you didn't allow that person to take anything else from you all especially during your friend's trip.

  5. Sorry about the break-in!! Glad everyone's ok.

    Looks like ya'll had a great time, regardless :)