Monday, August 24, 2009

Bible Studies

Man you gotta love Skype. So we have made it to church every Sunday for a little over a month now. Things are going good. My husband has been invited to and going to the worship teams practice. You have to go every week for 3 months before you can play at the service. This seems like a pretty good practice to me. It helps to be sure you really should be there. Anyway understanding the sermons isn't really going much better but a little. I get the gist of what hes preaching on and I can always catch the verses so that helps a lot. Iv found its actually good practice for learning the numbers. My husband and I haven't gone over his notes like we said we would every week but instead we have started a study that a friend from the states sent us. The good thing is I know and understand most of the music. Praising God is a universal language and even when I don't know the words I sing along and worship anyway. Most importantly my daughter loves going. She loves to dance and sing to the music. There is little in the world that can bring you as much joy as seeing your daughter praise the Lord. Then she gets to go upstairs and play. They don't do activities with the kids her age (shes 3) but they do with the older kids and that's something to look forward to.
But the title of this post is not church its bible study for a reason. A few weeks ago my sister asked me if Id like to do a weekly bible study with her via Skype. I was overjoyed. I need something like this so much. And although my sister is younger than me I always learn from her. She is the one who has helped me to be the mommy I am. Anyway we found a site online that has free bible studies on about 6 different books of the bible. So we use the web cam and if it starts to act up we just do a voice call. So far its going great. I was telling a good friend of mine about it. She is also here in Mexico with her fiance. And she said how she wished she could do something similar. So we picked a different book of the bible and are going through it. I'm doing John with my sister and James with my friend. How exciting. Then I realized that with skype you can talk to more than one person at a time. So I'm wondering is God opening something up here for a type of group bible study. I know its hard to find English speakers down here much less other Christians. And actually a lot of you that read my blog are Christian and have mentioned you have had a hard time with church down here. So lets hear it. What do you think....


  1. EEEEEE!!!! :) Way cool idea! We've got the internet people coming to our house this week to see if we can get it in our area (otherwise I post from work) and if we can get it, I would tentively like to say COUNT ME IN !!! :) What a really good idea though, like for real. :)

  2. That is an awesome idea! I would participate, but i get my internet off of a cell signel adn it is unreliable. On top of that, i hate the web cams. I feel like such a dweeb. LOL

  3. Rebecca- we dong to a video call only a voice call. When you get down here if you change your mind just let us know. You can hope in at any time.