Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mission group

A couple weeks ago a mission group came to my church here in Mexico. They were from an extremely large church in Austin Texas. Iv always had my doubts about these mega churches, but not anymore. Iv also always said when you go to church its about you and God no one else. I say this because I have heard many people talk about how they cant go to such and such church because of so and so. Or because the deacons did this or a leader said that. But if you are going for you and God what happens between God and those other people are not your business. Unless they are close to you of course and then we are to approach them gently. OK this is quickly turning into a soap box and not at all my reason for writing this post.
I first met them at one of the parks here in town. Our pastor had told us of the event so we went. I'm always excited to see and talk to a fellow American. They put on a beautiful skit about how the world tries to pull us from Jesus. Then they did a craft with the kids. This is where I got help a little. I surprised my self with my Spanish. I am always very hard on myself and although I was able to help some that day I was upset that I wasn't able to translate everything they said clearly. I later found out that I had been a blessing to the girl I was helping despite my faults.
Let me explain where I have been emotionally over the last few months. I have been in a bit of a funk. After living in Mexico for over a year now I am still scared to invite someone out for coffee, or to reach out to people in the church. I am afraid that I will be rejected due to my language abilities. You see my communication skills are something I have always been proud of. I can quickly connect with people after only a few short conversations. Well that was striped from me when I came here and I felt I had nothing. I had quite honestly been feeling sorry for myself over the last few months. I was angry and sad that I have no real friends here yet, and that I still know no one from our church. I also questioned what God could ever do with me here if I cant even share his gospel with people.
In the short while I spent with this group they showed me that all I have to do is make the effort. I watched Teenagers make more of an effort than I had. And they were being productive. The got to know some families and individuals in the church, a lot more than I have. I understand that they were with these people day and night for a week or more and it was sort of forced. But after a year of living within walking distance why have I just sat around waiting on someone to come to my house. Why am I waiting on someone to care for me and feed me when I know I am already full of the Spirit. I am now encouraged and willing and ready to meet people. I plan to try harder to connect with people at church. My language skills are not the best and so I will have to pray that those I speak with will have patience and not mind speaking to me some more.
Its amazing what God can show you through younger people. We were so thankful that they let us into there devotionals, and worship times. I have been able to worship in Spanish and am able to praise in Spanish. But wow how great it was to worship and praise in English with a group of believers.
I thank God for the insight I got from this group. NO more feeling sorry for myself its time for us to pick ourselves up and get to know some people.


  1. Amanda, i am so happy that this group helped you come to some of those realizations. It is hard to be the one to step out of your comfort zone and make the effort, but someone has to do it. I hope that you are blessed with some new friends who you can become close to.

  2. Smsnds, I can relate. I made just one friend down here in almost a year, and now she's moving away. Making friends is somehow a lot harder than I though.

    I'm glad you're feeling positive and I hope you get to know some people in your community better.

  3. Those typos, and your misspelled name, are a result of typing one-handed while lying on my side and nursing. "Smsnds"! haha

  4. Oh funny I had to come back and look to figure out what that last comment was about. lol I completely understand. I'm sure the lack of sleep has nothing to do with it either. ;)