Saturday, December 5, 2009

I think its sinking in....

That is I think the Spanish is getting ingrained into my subconscious as well as conscious. Weird things keep happening. For example I was rewriting my grocery list the other day after I went to one store and couldn't get everything I needed (this happens a lot). So I'm going to write pan (bread) but I realize the rest of my list is in English, I don't know why but I hate to have both languages on one list, so I'm sitting there thinking, "Pan... Pan..... Pan.... Oh I know its bread." Ok then I get to the next entry on my old list and I realize it says jam (just curious how many of you just read that as ham). Ok I look at this word and can picture slices of jamon or ham in my head but can tell this word is wrong. And it seriously took me a min to realize what it was. I wonder if my issues with spelling and not being able to picture spellings of words has anything to do with this or if this is typical of learning a new language. Any one ever had situations like these. This isn't the only time for me but is the most recent and easiest to explain. Sometimes I don't think I could really explain what the weirdness is. I showed my husband my list and told him what happened with the bread and he smiled at me and said, "Your really learning Spanish honey." I'm thinking this is a bad thing and he acts all proud of me.


  1. OH Amanda - it's a fantastic thing!!! LOL - as funny as it sounds cuz it's bread it is great!!I didn't look at the word jam and think ham, but as soon as you said jamon I was like HELLO!!! Jajajaja - this spanish thing will come to all of us, slowly but surely we'll get it! Or at least I hope so... jejeje.

  2. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I do the same thing !!!! LOL for the past couple of months my list has been looking like this -

    chile de arbol

    :P Sometimes the Spanish word just comes out, or it's like. . . it's like my brain prefers it as opposed to the English version. It's weird but cool right!? :)

  3. weird, huh? sometimes, everything just *clicks*... and other days, I feel I left my brain on the other side. Congrats!

    oooh... I meant to tell you... If you and hubby ever come down here again to do your fm stuff and want to check out some of the museums downtown.. they're free on tuesdays and there's alot of stuff to see!

  4. I agree, I do the same thing. Some words end up on the list in Spanish and others in English...I guess I've never really analyzed why - though pan is one for me also. Maybe because "pan" is shorter than "bread"? I'm not exactly sure. But you should feel good! It definitely means that you're absorbing Spanish. And I think it's normal to get a little confused about what's Spanish and what's English sometimes.

  5. Amanda,
    You made me smile. One of the first things that I noticed when I began learning Spanish is that I started writing my grocery list in Spanish instead of English. Yup, it looks like you are well on your way. One day it will suddenly hit you that you have been thinking in Spanish and that will blow you away :)

  6. Glad to know Im not alone in this craziness. It really is an odd thing. I have been trying hard to learn Medical Spanish and its going good.
    OMT- we will get it for sure
    Gringa- I'm just an organization freak and is why my list must be completely spanish or english. And I dont necessarily see this as a good thing. ;)
    Dreamer-Just the other day I was at Soriana and one of my husbands coworkers said something to me that aparently should have been funny and I had no clue what he said. I had to do the "no entiendo" and shrug thing. I always also add "lo siento" I hate those days it brings me back to the first days here
    Laura- for sure my texting is in spanglish its what ever word is shorter. lol
    Bob-Im glad I could make you smile. ;) I do think in Spanglish or sometimes bad Spanish so I think Im getting there.

  7. I didn't read ham, but i think only because you had just done the pan-bread thing. I sometimes have to translate things into english in my head before I write. Then I get confused and can't remember english or spanish. lucky for me, my parents and daughters (sons- no)speak some spanish so my ims are understandable. My biggest problem is when a word is the same or really close to the same in spanish, then I can't pronounce it to save my life. In english or spanish. I speak spanish to my dog, home, alone. Not good spanish, but not english, either.