Monday, December 14, 2009


So after vomiting throughout the night we decided to try the IMSS once again. Now that we knew when to drop off our book we expected it to go a little better. My husband headed there at 830 (let me remind you at one point we were told we should show up at 6am)and he was told that they don't start accepting books until 9am. Issac told me that when he showed up there was a guy there that was saying, "Iv been here since 630 where am I suppose to put my book!" He must have talked to the same person I had at first. My husband then went to the store to get me some crackers and pedialite and went back at 9. We were like the third book they received and he was told to come back at one or 130. We showed up at one and the place was as empty as Iv ever seen it. Slowly it started to fill up. I saw the doctor saunter into the office and back out a few times but no names were called until about two. And then neither person was there. And instead of going to the next person they waited. Anyway we were seen at almost 3. At one point Issac went to ask if they could estimate when we would be seen and the lady said anywhere between one and three. That is a good estimate when your sitting there with a 8month old and a 3 yr old. But all in all the lady was nice and receptive but that is the way things go. So when seeing the doctor he said I had Colitis (which made perfect since to me), we asked about my gall bladder and he said that if it doesn't hurt when I eat no grease or fat then that's what I should do, and that he would not say I should get it taken out until it hurts even then (which it wont). And we also asked about birth control. Basically the only type of birth control the Seguro supplies is the pill, and both types of implants the 2 yr and 5 yr. I cant take the pill because of my gall bladder so we were asking him about the implant. I was actually quite impressed with his answer. First he gave us all the medical mumbo jumbo which I already knew. Then he gave us his personal opinion. He told us how most of his patients were so unhappy with the side effects and that even he and his wife have chosen the rout of condoms because of it. After discussing it with him I was actually swayed in my opinion which doesn't happen often. Something that is interesting to me is you wont see that happen often in the states. Maybe if you have been going to the same doctor all your life but then its still a maybe. In the medical field in the states you are trained and almost brain washed never to give your personal opinion even when its asked of you. You are simply to lay out the facts and let the patient decide. He was in no way trying to persuade us and many times he said "como tu qieres." But he was giving us his opinion as a husband and a doctor of other patients. How great to be able to be so personal and open with your patients. He then proceed to do the physical examination. He did an excellent job of explaining that because it hurt when he pushed in certain places and the way it sounded when he thumped others he knew was colitis. He didn't wait often for Issac to explain things to me but thankfully for the most part I understood. After dealing with a pesky printer, he typed and printed out a list of meds for me. I still get a kick out of seeing doctors take my B/P and deal with printers (you wont see that in the states). Then we walked over to the pharmacy area of the IMSS and got ALL MY MEDS FOR FREE!!!!!!!!! Oh yes you read that right it was all free the visit and the meds. As Iv said before there is a small amount taken out of Issac check but not a lot. So it took us 3 or 4 hours but didn't cost us a dime. So Im thinking the good out weighs the bad when your broke and sick. And at least the doctor was nice and totally competent. The funny thing is two days later we were at a friends house who has cable and we saw a commercial for the Seguro and it looked so fast and easy. lol Well, life never was like it is on TV. ;)


  1. Amanda,
    I receive excellent care at IMSS and at first it was a little bit confusing but now that I have learned the system it actually is no more difficult than dealing with the HMO that I had in the states and the more you go the easier it will get because you will get to know people and they will take a liking to you if you are pleasant, respectful and patient :)

  2. Well, girl, sounds like you and I were in the same boat this weekend, except I chalk my night in the bathroom up to food poisoning. I'm glad you had a (mostly?) good experience and you're getting taken care of! Thanks for posting this kind of stuff. It's good to learn what to expect! Stay healthy!

  3. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    The IMSS is exhausting but they do have good doctors there.

  4. OMG...I had colitis before...last year while we were living in Valles....the pain was hurt to do anything...and eat anything...bless your heart...hope your feeling well.

  5. awwww....I hope you feel better soon momma!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy holidays!