Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do you have to get any shots?

Here is a question from on or my readers. By the way Im so sorry this has taken me so long. I have been working a lot on my daughters birthday party stuff. But I do appreciate and love to answere questions.
Do you have to get any shots to go there?
When we were just visiting for no more than 1-3 weeks my doctor as well as Alanas pediatrician said we didn't need anything that we were not already getting. Alana was just a baby so she was already getting all her routine immunizations and I was a working nurse and was getting my flu shot regularly. Alana did get sick once from gulping some tap water while we were there, but to be honest there is no prevention except to not drink the water.
I do want to say that if you are going to live here or be here for more than a couple months you may want to get some worm medication. Here the seguro give it to you and most doctors give it to their patients on a 6mo basis. This is just a suggestion. When Issac first told me that he took it all growing up I thought this must be one of those things he didn't remember quite right. I did speak with one doctor who said that he has never seen a bad case of worms in all his years working in Mexico and that he thinks that this is slightly over done. But to be honest there are no real side affects and you wont get a supper worm like you would get a supper bug from taking to many antibiotics. Good hygiene is the best way to prevent worms but if you may be dealing with a lot of people who don't have good hygiene then you may do as we do and follow through with the suggestion.
The only other difference is that babies here still get vaccinated against Tuberculosis, which is a horrible vaccine but I'm glad to know my baby will never get it. I do believe I posted about this in another post and if anyone is interested in it leave a comment and I will find it and post a link.
In short be sure to have your flu shot and you should be ok, and if you want when you go home ask your doctor about getting worm medication. Most likely he will not give it to you unless you show symptoms which is how we do things in the states.
As always anyone please give information if you have more and ask questions if I wasn't clear on something.


  1. Thanks Amanda. I had heard that it's recommended to get a cholera shot too. Not sure if I will. I went on another overseas trip to Papua New Guinea and had to take worm medicine. No biggy for me. Appreciate the info. Have a great day! Praying for you and your family.

  2. Amanda,

    You should ask your doctor about vaccinations for both tetanus and pneumonia. This is something you can get at IMSS.

  3. My daughter's pediatrician in the US also highly recommended getting Hep A and Hep B vaccines.

  4. Have you decided not to get the tb vaccine for you daughter because it's a bad vaccine--bad side effects? more risk? This is the one that leaves a scar on the arm, right?

    My husband is from Mexico and has a few gross worm stories from growing up. Gives me the willies!

  5. Mexibound-I hope you subscribed by e-mail so you can read the others comments.
    Bob-Its funny you should bring this up because I discussed it with my husband and because its not a whole lot different I decided to leave it out. My Seguro does want me to get the tetanus shot and I will when I go to get Joslins one year shots. The only difference is they suggest it between every 5 and 10 years and we say every 10yrs unless there is cause. But a lot of people in the states just wait on the cause and here people follow through and get theirs frequently. The nurse told me that there were a lot more dangers here such as rusty everything and broken glass everywhere and she is right. And really the pneumonia shot isnt a big deal unless your older or a young child. They did give Joslin one.
    Laura-You are so right I tottaly forgot this. My doctor had already given Alana the Hep B when we were just visiting and I suppose he didnt know to give her the Hep A. We have been told to be sure and get it to her before she enters Kinder and we will. The only thing that sucks about that one here is they don't give it at the Seguro and we will have to pay 600p at a private doctor to get it. Which is worth it to keep her healthy.
    Margherita- I did get the TB vaccine for her because they wouldn't suggest it here if there wasn't a reason for it. She didn't get sick but did have a horrible welt on her arm for a long time and yes will have a scar. Alana didn't have it as a baby and they said that we shouldn't give it to her now. I believe in getting vaccines if they hadn't come about people would still be dying of so many illnesses. There are the rare extreme reactions but there are also rare extreme reactions to Tylenol and i give that to my kids. I did make a post or two about Joslins arm and how it was healing if you are interested let me know and Ill look it up for you and send you a link.

  6. So they give the tb vaccine when kids are a little older? I think I remember reading one of your posts about Alana's arm healing after she'd had it, now that you mention it. I also get my kids vaccinated, I think the huge benefits outweigh any risks.

    btw, I found your blog through vadose. Mucho gusto.

  7. margherita- Sorry if I was confusing, I think I need to specify which daughter Im speaking of by age along with the name. It was only Joslin who got the TB and it was with her 6 or 9month vacine. And with Alana who is 3 and had her baby vacines in the states they said she didnt need it. So as far as I know they only give them to the babies. And Mucho Gusto a ti, me gusta mucho la blog de vedosa.