Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you weren't so cute......

Ok so I wrote this a week ago and since have been having trouble getting the videos online that I spoke of so you'll just have to take my word for the truth when I talk about how great my kids are.
The title is what I say to my girls when they have done something aggravating, like knock my coffee cup into tile floor. And then when I look up at them from the floor as I'm cleaning they give me the cutest, I'm just a baby or child look. You know those times when they are just being their age but your not in the mood for that. This is when I get a little grin that I cant fight back and say, "If you weren't so cute...." You see my theory is this, the reason God made babies and kids so darn cute is to protect them from their parents bad moods. Another example is when my 3 1/2 yr old refuses to clean herself after the going peepee when Im in the middle of cooking dinner, and when I go in to help her after her begging me to come in from across the house she says, "mom your hair looks so pretty," then I humph and then she says "and your such a good mommy," then of course a full out smile breaks out and I say, "If you weren't so cute..."
This post is just a comprehensive overview of things in our life right now.
First to brag on my girls. Alana is 3 1/2 yrs old and a princess. She loves to dress up and its so cute when she makes up whole scenarios. I often am addressed as the queen (which I believe is my rightful name in the house), or as some other character in her imagination. I love getting to play make believe with her. She also involves her baby sister who is a lot of time the side kick to whoever she is being, this is always a good chuckle considering most of the princesses side kicks are animals. Just now I had to go save the crying Joslin from the "Doctor" who was checking her belly and head. lol Alana has been doing great with her class time, we do a session every day when Joslin takes her morning nap. Most days she doesn't fight me on it and she is learning so much. She can recognize all of her letters most of the time and will tell you what they are in Spanish and in English. Its interesting because with each letter her initial recall is in different languages. For example if you show her an A she will always say it in English first but if you ask her what it is in Spanish she will tell you. But with N she is the opposite. We have been working on work pages that have you trace the letters and with her bath crayons the other day she made an S and a lower case e that was recognizable. She is so amazing to me. She loves to sit and read and to be read to. When I say read its really cute she will sit and make up stories and each page begins with, "one day Gods people...." I'm going to try to attach a little video of her spelling out the words in one of the G books we made. I'm still trying to focus on a letter for a time then move to the next. We stopped this for a while and did a little preK work book that we found at Sorianna, which to be honest had to much coloring for her style. She would much rather circle, cross out or draw lines between things. She still doesn't get much of a kick out of coloring but loves to cut and paste and so I make sure we have some of that in each class time if possible. Shes getting so tall and since we recently realized she doesn't have any shorts I'm planning to cut off some of her jeans that have gotten to short but still fit around her skinny waist. Shes in a stage now where shes growing taller and not rounder. She also goes potty all by herself now except when she poopies and I insist that i do the clean up part. She flushes and washes her hands all on her own with me needing to remind her sometimes. Im so proud of my princess and I just wanted to brag on her a bit, or a lot. ;)
Joslin is 11mo old and I cant believe my baby will be a whole year in a month. Iv already began her party preparations because I made the invitations and am going to make all the decorations and party bags. She has been walking very well for over a week now. She actually tried to run from me the other day which was quite funny because shes still a little stiff legged. Shes also climbing on everything, she can now climb up on all my couches which is a problem because she cant always get back down without falling. Although recently she is getting a lot better at the getting down part also. She says "alana, mommie, and daddy" for the write people. In the mornings we can hear her trying to wake Alana up its so funny. Luckily Alana sleeps like a log and it usually doesn't work. She also uses sign language to tell us that she wants to eat, drink, milk, more, mommie, papi, and just recently shes using the sign for sleep when shes tired. We are now starting to teach her bath we will see if she catches this one before shes able to say it. She makes all kinds of fun sounds with her mouth and loves to scream. We discourage the screaming as much as you can with a baby and hopefully this doesn't become a problem later. She loves to make facial expressions with you, she blinks, scrunches and rises her eye brows and makes a monkey type face wither her mouth, and loves to smile. Shes a very happy baby who also loves to dance. Its so funny because when Alana was a baby and danced she had the typical bend at the waist dance, but Joslin has at least 4 different dance moves depending on the music. She wiggles at her, rolls her shoulders, bends at the waist, and bobs her head. I swear sometimes she pats her hand to the beat, Issac swears shes going to be a musical wonder. lol She also loves to be read to and points out pictures. I think because of seeing us read to Alana she sits better for the stories than Alana did at this age. Also if she sees Alana sitting with a book she will go get one of her own and sit and read it. Ill also supply a picture of this. I'm so proud of my baby and cant believe she is already a toddler.
note:right now Alana is Aladin, I'm Jasmine and Joslin is Abu. ;)
As far as I'm concerned we had our appointment with the Anesthesiologist which involved much less waiting as the others because we got here an hour early, we have finally figured out the system..... I think. We told him what was up and he basically said he wanted to go ahead and do all his paperwork in case we decide in a few weeks or later that I do need the surgery. He then told us how he put his off so long that they had to do it emergency and proceeded to open his shirt and show us his massive scare. I think his point was that if I find that I'm having pain not to wait. So far so good and the fact that I had a clean ultrasound makes me happy. We have decided to hold off on even seeing the surgeon again and wee if the pain comes back. For now I'm taking the ranintadine to help my digestive track and taking antacids if I get indigestion. This sounds a lot happier to me than surgery even if I have to take something every day. Im glad we have the paperwork in my file in case we do need the surgery later but for now we hope to not have to go see anymore doctors for awhile.
The girls got their flu shots and polio drops at a booth the seguro had set up at the grocery store. They did so good and I was so proud of them.
Issac is doing well at work and thankfully inventory week is over. He put in tons of extra hours over the last couple weeks and were hoping for extra days off instead of the overtime pay. We miss him and want some time with him. He doesn't love his job but hes good at it and he knows it keeps food on the table. He is a great provider and father to the girls. He somehow finds the energy at the end of the day to come home and be a jungle gym. And then when the girls go to bed its my turn for attention. ;) So life is good at the Hernandez house and we are simply waiting to see what God has in store for us next. We have decided not to hit the grind on finding a job just yet. Im planning to visit the children s home that his family runs in Monclova early April and help out there and let the girls have fun with all the kids. That will be lots of fun and a lot of interesting posts I'm sure. Well thanks for reading the blah blah and being interested in mi familia.

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  1. Awww... they sound so cute! I know what you mean about the younger child being the side kick. In our house Elisa is Dora and Baby Edgar is Boots! How cute. Of course I am mami and Daddy is Papa and my grandmother is Abuela. Daddy Edgar's cousin is usually swiper!
    Elisa is 4 and Edgar is 14 months and it is so cute to see them interact together. They play together and every thing. You know you hear some parents talk about how their kids fight all the time, I hope mine never fight all the time- I know they will argue, but a freind of mine is always saying how hers are always at each other. She tells me just wait and I am thinking yeah right, I will not let it get out of control like that.