Sunday, April 10, 2011


A friend who I have recently deemed my blog idol write this post ( and made me think of a great idea.

Yes the title of this post is a bit different than most but it will make since believe me.

One thing that is different about raising children in Mexico is language. My girls are growing up learning both. Alana was mainly English speaking until the age of two but Joslin is learning both from the get go. As with any kid when they start using a new word we have to figure out what it is and repeat it to her with the correct pronunciation. The problem is we first have to figure out what language shes speaking. And as with English of course Spanish words sometimes come out slightly funny. Shortly after learning her first few words Joslin started saying CACA!!!! And she said it a lot. I was so frustrated about it and was actually a little upset with Issac because I knew I didn't use that word and neither did her sister. Issac kept reassuring me she didn't hear it from him. Then came the day of realization (thankfully). Jos had just asked me for something and I handed it to her. When I did she said "caca" and took of. I literally did the head cock thinking position and went and got her a cookie.
"Here is a cookie, Joslin."
"Caca, mommi."
I then smiled and Issac and I had a good laugh that night.
She was telling us Gracias this whole time and I was upset by it.
I had almost forgot that her Gracias sounds like caca when she said it to a cousin who gave her something and he had a surprised look on his face. I quickly explained that she was saying Gracias and of course then he got a good laugh.

So Caca all for reading my blog. jajajaja


  1. Oh my gosh, TOO FUNNY!

    How are they doing with the two languages? Can they usually distinguish between the two?

  2. That is too funny! My daughter likes these puffed corn snacks (they are a little like round cheetos). Anyways, I call them "cheesy poofs." Her interpretation "cheesy POOPS" !!!!
    Good thing kids are so cute, they can get away with it!

  3. great story! caca for sharing.

  4. Do you consider caca a bad word? Just curious

  5. My son says "caca" ALL the time. He's trying to say "chancla". It sure catches strangers by surprise!

  6. gringation- the four year old can distinguesh then and decide which she needs to speak to each person. For example at Christmas time she had both grandmas sitting on one couch. She said to my mom, "Here maw maw its a present for you." Then she looked at Issacs mom and said, "Ten abuela es una regala para ti." Both grandmas of course thought it was the cutest thing and she got lots of praises for it.
    Alice-hee hee (dont worry youv got it commen)
    Rebbecca- I dont see it as a bad word really but its the same as if she was running around saying poopy to everyone four times a day. I wouldn't really like that either. ;) But Im glad you asked because others were prob wondering the same thing.
    Vadose- I can see how chanclas would come out that way. Thats great! Funny you should comment I was just thinking of you today. I so miss reading your posts they always made me laugh so much (well the ones that were suppose to) I miss your humor. I hope you start again sometime. I did just check your profile and saw you have English stuff. That may come in handy to me. ;)

  7. i love it! our daughter says "thip mmmm" after someone sneezes or coughs. we still cant tell if she's trying to say bless you or thank you, since she hears them both after someone coughs or sneezes. it's the cutest thing though!

  8. I thought I might have been the only one that had happened to! My now 5 year old Son was once loudly saying "CaCa" over & over again in the Grocery store one day. He was about 1 1/2 years old @ the time. I kept telling him Shhhh....but he kept on & on. Well, of course there were about a million Spanish Mommies in the store that day. Every one of them looking at me like I was nuts, after all, who would teach their baby to say such language! It turns out he was asking for "Cookies" .....took me a while to figure that out that day ;) Kids are so funny!

  9. Amanda,
    My husband and I have been reading up on your blog and are relieved to see someone else who has overcome a lot of obstacles that are about to be facing us. We just found out today he will have to go back to his town in Mexico (which is close to you i believe!) for 10 years. I speak no spanish and we have a 4 year old daughter and 17 month old daughter. We have been relying on prayers and for God to open our eyes on what to do!

  10. Olancho- to funny thanks for sharing I love to hear others kids stories. Kids are great, the highlight of my life really.
    K.M.S. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. To be honest I had a pretty nasty comment on this post that I had to block. It helps so much to get comments like yours to keep me writing. I really hope it helps you all out. If your close by here let me know when your in Mexico. I love meeting blog friends. ;)
    Lisa Thanks ;)

  11. Oh Amanda, that is too funny! Your girls are precious!