Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In Mexico one of the many ways spring is celebrated is by children dressing up like Animals. I was a bit slow at learning this but next year my girls will be cute woodland creatures. Let me tell you how I figured this one out. A couple Sundays ago my husband let me know that the girls were suppose to dress up in a costume for the following Sunday. The following Sunday happened to be the day we were "graduating" from our class and I assumed it had something to do with this. The Friday before I had seen some kids outside a tienda dressed like a lady bug and a bunny. I thought to myself oh how cute they must be celebrating spring. But was I bright enough at this point to connect the two events before church. The answer is NO, so we ended up dressing Alana like Arial and Joslin like Tinkerbell. To be honest we didn't have animal costumes anyway, and Alana did have another princess in her class who I knows parents are both Mexican. This made me feel a little better as the reality of it hit me during the service when I saw a bunch of woodland characters running around. Ether way my girls looked supper cute and everyone kept saying "ohhh que linda" as we walked by. I wonder how many of them were thinking, "I guess she didnt understand." lol The good thing is I can laugh about it and plan to get animal costumes for next year. ;) Here is a pic of my Spring mermaid and fairy. Oh and an updated pic of mi puerqito.

Sorry I had to delete the pics off my blog, I have decided to keep my blog public no matter how many hateful comments I get. If I made my blog private it would defeat the purpose so instead I will just delete the pictures and refrain from using names in attempt to keep things safe for us. 


  1. Cute pics. Either way its looks like the girls enjoyed it.

  2. We had a few spring parades in town. Most kids were animals or flowers, but there were some spiderman, princess and other random costumes in teh mix

  3. Awww! All three of your girls are so adorable! :) I can't believe how big Alana and Joslin are. WOW!

    I'm sure no one thought that you didn't understand the costume theme. The Spring parade here in town had lots and lots of princesses.

    FYI: Your girls will probably get to dress up once more for El Dia del Niño, which is on April 30th. They can dress up as anything they want. :)

    I'm so glad that you're finding time to post. I love reading about what's going on in your lives. :)

  4. Oh that Lily is just so chunky and cute! And your Alana and Joslin look adorable too! We have lots of costumes that I would be happy to share. Francesca is dressing up as a flower this week! FUN!

  5. Thanks guys they really did have fun and so did I. I do look forward to El Dia de Niños!!!