Friday, July 8, 2011


Today I am hoping to get a few posts out that I started a long time ago and never finished. Thankfully when I have good ideas I write a little in a draft so I can come back to it later. This post comes because I suppose I thought after three years of living here I would be a much different person.

But in reality some habbits never die or die hard so they say.

For example when we moved here we didn't have a land line and only just recently goten one.  Due to our phone being through our cable company it always has to sit near the computer. Nine months is how long we have had it and I still walk into my kitchen when Im looking for it. I guess my subconscious feels the phone should be in the dinning room or kitchen. This is so weird to me every time I do it.

My eating times have started to cure slightly to the late times of the Mexicans now that I am working but my body doesn't like it. As of a month ago I still ate breakfast (something small) at 7am with the girls, maybe a light snack at tenish and a light lunch around noon. Then I would be ready for a full hearty dinner around six. Now that we work till 530 or 6 we eat dinner around 6 or 630 which kind of throws the rest of your meals off. Also the girls get a snack at school around 5 so they don't eat a big dinner like we were use to. Still my body tells me this isn't the way one is suppose to eat. The funny thing is its much healthier eating a small meal in the evening and the larger meal at lunch.

One thing that hasn't changed and Im pretty sure will not is that I love not wearing shoes at home. I have to admit that I do put them on a little more often but its because I don't have as much time to keep my floors clean. And of course my Mexican family thinks I'm insane but I'm sure this isn't the only reason so no need in changing it now. lol

And last but certainly not least is the seat-belts we finally were able to get a third seat-belt but in the back of the Jimmy for Alana. I was a nervous wreck every time we left the house and she wasn't in a seat-belt. I'm happy to say all my children are safely and appropriately belted in every time we are in the truck.

I feel like this was a pretty boring post and I appoligise. Post like these are more for me to document this kind of stuff for my later reading. These are things that when I moved here I just knew would never change and Im happy that they haven't. ;)

Things that have changed are good things like being more patient and calm and not stressing out as badly over anything and everything.


  1. I think about how I have changed since moving to Mexico three years ago pretty often. For the most part I don't think I have assimilated with the culture. I am an American in the smack dab middle of Mexico. And, while that might not sound like a good thing, I am OK with it. I have just created my own little piece of the US down here. My husband seems fine with it, too.

    I think what changes the most are characteristics, not habits. As you said, habits are hard to break. But, am I less crazy when somethings unexpected happens? Yes. Am I a little more patient with things? Yes. Things like that I noticed are changed about me.

    But, just like you, I don't wear shoes in the house and I can tell you that my floors are ALWAYS dirty.

    I don't feel that I needed to change habits just because of moving to another country. Glad that you see that you are the same person you were before. It is nice to see that you are still there!

  2. I'm a fan of being barefoot at home, too! Unfortunately it just gets too dusty here (building materials, open windows, open doors, etc) and I find flip-flops to be a necessity :(

  3. Not boring at all! I love reading about how your daily life and how things are changing, and how other things are staying the same.

    Like you, the one thing that will never change is me being barefoot in the house. I refuse to wear shoes indoors. :P

  4. I have to agree with you. I hate wearing shoes and my mother in law thinks I am crazy. We clean the floors every morning so they are not really dirty but they always tell me all the sicknesses I will get for not wearing them.
    Also with being more patient and not stressing out, it seems to have affected me but Javier is even more impatient than ever.