Friday, July 8, 2011

Spider Web

The one thing I have found absolutely amazing is how thoughtfull all of you are. I have been connected with so many people at just the right time through most of my readers. I imagine a spider web where people who I would never know end up knowing me through someone else thoughtful enough to join us together.  Usually this happens without me even looking for it, for example the auther of  Southenr Living is the reason Im now living happily and much better off in Guadalajara as compared to the small town of Tepatitlan (which I still love and adore by the way). She and I knew each other through blogging and as she read through some job adds she thought of me. Thanks again girl!
This time Im going to request for each of you to send the word out amongst the web of contacts and help me out. I may have a great job opportunity for a fellow English speaking nurse preferably native to an English speaking country. This most likely will need to be someone already living in Mexico or who is planning to move here already. I specify this because the pay will be good for here but not comparable to nursing wages in the states. Heres hoping I can help someone the way I was helped and of course I gain my nurse at the same time. ;)

One last thing, when I post from work the spellchecker refuses to check in English, so I am so sorry for how bad the spelling prob is on this post and any other I have posted from work. And if any of you have ideas on how that can be fixed please share.

Thanks all

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  1. This network is amazing!!! What a great way to find a community even when so many of us are living far from our own... :)