Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cricket

As best I can remember this is what it looked like. One night we heard one out in our laundry area and my husband went out and sprayed everywhere because he couldn't find it. Well the next morning I had a dazed half drugged cricket in my kitchen. Then the next day I found something that looked similar to the one above on my wall. To me it didn't look like a cricket but I could tell it was not a roach. So what was it. I expressed this to my husband and he said "what makes you think its not a cricket?" Well I said it didn't have big pointing up back legs. He then gave me that smile like, oh your so cute sometimes. (this ticks me off sometimes lol) and says "Honey not all crickets have big pointy up legs." "Really, are you sure." I say. So I look it up online and sure enough I find lots of pictures of bugs that I don't think look like crickets but that's what they say they are. Ok fine....
So now Im thinking what the heck is a cricket if it doesn't have big pointy up legs... Right? So I pulled a Bob and looked up the definition (hee hee) and here it is.

crick·et 1 (krkt)
Any of various insects of the family Gryllidae, having long antennae and legs adapted for leaping. The males of many species produce a shrill chirping sound by rubbing the front wings together.

Well my bug had long antennae and I guess long legs adapted for leaping but you know I killed and disposed before I got that good of a look. Next time I think I will examine a bit longer.



  1. That seriously looks like a cricket and a cockroach just got it on.

  2. When we first moved in to our house, we had tons of crickets. I immediately wanted to kill them all, but my hubby refused. "Why", you ask. Well, killing crickets supposedly brings you bad luck. We're not superstitious, but why try our luck! So we gathered all of the crickets in a plastic grocery bag and let them loose in the big, empty lot behind our house.

    Now we're so used to the crickets, we don't mind the noise.

  3. Good Bob impersonation!

    I learned something I did not know!

  4. Amanda,
    Just for the heck of it go to Googly and put in "Periplaneta americana" which is the American cockroach. That's what the picture in your blog post looks like to me. It is the largest cockroach and looks more like a cricket than does the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) that most people are used to.

  5. Dreamer-I agree completely....
    Leslie-don't think I could have done it, I believe in letting nature live outside and I don't stomp bug there, but if they dare enter my house its on.
    Bob- I did look them up and aside form getting the ibie gibies from looking at the pictures I think what was in my house looked more like the weird cricket. Thank goodness.

  6. Amanda, that clearly is a grasshopper.

  7. I love cricketss, we have lots in WA. I used to collect them to feed to my gecko.

  8. oh man-cricket season has begun here as well, and I have given up on kicking them out, I just sweep up the dead ones every few days from my extra bedroom-they are BLACK tho and freak me out when they jump on my feet in the shower---ugh! that is where I draw the line and swat ´em...

  9. okay first off, dreamer-- that is one of the funniest images I have had in my mind for a while- and a little disturbing.

    I have not found many crickets but I am do find locust. I have been warned that there are times that they swarm. I am not looking forward to that. I totally agree, when I am in your house, I do not kill you, but if you are in my house, I do. I think that is fair. But it is amazing what you can get used to here.

    PS- as to your earlier question. i did not live in Paris but I did live in Germany and I spent several weeks at a time in Paris. I love it there.