Saturday, June 6, 2009

need ideas please

Ok so my 2yr olds 3rd birthday is in July. I am doing a princess theme because shes crazy for princesses. I made the banner then realized I did it in English. I refuse to change it although I will get a little flack from my husbands family. (they'll get over it) But I would like to do the invitations in Spanish. I have been searching the web to find a lay out of some kind. So here is what I need either a translation of something similar to what I will write here in a min or a website that has examples of invitations in Spanish. My plan is to make them look like a royal scroll with a ribbon tied around it. I want them to say something to the affect of:

Princess Alana requests your appearance to her royal ball on the 11th of July.
Or something like what is at the following link, I could make these easy enough with word or excel but I need the wording.
or something like that

Anyway Im open for ideas.
The main princess will be Ariel, shes Alanas favorite.


  1. Okay Amanda,
    This is how I would do it based upon many fiestas. I doubt if you will be criticized with this:

    Princesa Alana te invita a su fiesta real de cumpleaños.
    Día 11 de Julio del 2009.
    A las 13 horas.
    En el Castillo de la Princesa en Calle_____Núnero_______
    (La Princesa Alana es parte de Princesa Ariel en el baile real.)

  2. wow.... that's gonna be a bitch to translate into spanish!!! hehe... i would use first, in case you want to impress your hubby! ;)

    What a cute idea for a party. good luck with your invites!!!

  3. Sounds like its going to be a lot of fun! Don't worry about making the banner in English, most Mexicans know what Happy Birthday means. For the invitations, you could write something like...
    La Princesa Alana, solicita su presencia en la fiesta real el dia...This says, Princess Alana requests your prescence at the royal party on...then you can fill out the date and time. (Hope this helps!)

  4. Lesli and Bob, thanks so much these are perfect. Thanks for the full lay out Bob I do believe this is what I will use.
    Dreamer-I asked my husband first and his answer was "invita a mi fiesta... you know you don't have to be all fancy with it." lol
    Gotta love em.