Sunday, June 7, 2009

For anyone who loves to read.

I love to read it relaxes me. I also love to get into a new world now and again. I really get into books. But new books especially in English are just to expensive down here, I can't afford them.
Well thanks to an e-mail buddy of mine I have been introduced to a site called This site is so cool the only thing missing is more English books in Mexico. Im kinda hoping by putting this out there to the blogers in Mexico maybe some of you are readers and would be interested in trading books via this site (or not via the site)
Here is the gist of the site. It goes by a point system, you get 1/10th a point for every book title you enter. When you send a book to someone in your country you get 1 point if you send outside the country you get 3 points. You pay for the shipping to send the book. So this person is getting a book virtually free. Then you can order or ask for a one book for every 1 point you get, unless its outside of your country then you use up 2points. So although you send a book to someone free of charge to them you get one in return. You can either reenter the books after you get them and read them or you can keep them its up to you. Due to not having a lot of money I'm kinda restricted to sending and receiving from Mexico more or less, and there is not a lot of English books posted, although there are some. So here is the invitation for all you expats to check out the site. Let me know what you think even if you decide not to join.


  1. I am not a reader, but seems like a cool thing. If there is any book you are dying to read i would be happy to get it for you and when i get down there i can mail it to you or something? (not sure how expensive it is to mail, but i would be happy to pay for the book and the mailing)

    Just let me know!

  2. What a great idea. I do not have any book that are mine here but when I get some I will surely put them there.

  3. Hi, wow, I haven't looked at the website yet and I am already excited. I read like a fish too, and am poor! I am currently in Texcoco (near DF) and have several books. Oh, I want to trade!!!!!! Sanborn's has books in English and I have bought several (I am an addict) but the cheapest just went up from $120 to $145 and since that is more than my hubby makes in a 12 hour day not going to be buying many!!! Lucky onions and tomatoes are cheap here, huh?

    My parents are bibliophiles and send me 3 or 4 a few times a year, but that last me about 2 days. lol

    Oh, joy, Oh, joy. I am singing now. Goodbye for now. Will be talking to you again. Must find website!!!

  4. Rebecca, thank you so much for the offer!
    Rosas if you do get on the site let me know your User name
    Karen, I had to look up where you where I had no idea, lol. Let me know what your user name is. I kept mine bordersaside incase anyone from her got on the site they could find my books. I just put 10 books on. So I have a point now whoo hoo. Ill admit half of them are books I don't like. ;) But hopefully someone around here will want to read them. They are on a lot of wish lists for people in the states but I just cant send there yet. Maybe if I can get this going good Ill have enough to send trade with the states also.

  5. Thanks for posting the information. I've got books to share! Does anyone know how reliable the correo system is here? Or is it better to send packages via a private courier?

  6. Alice, as far as I know the Mexican postal system isn't great, they are working on it but not there yet. I think we will be using Estafeta which is kinda like a Mexican UPS its prices are pretty good. There is another one my husbands family uses but I cant remember the name right now.

  7. I started by putting one book up online, and somebody is already asking me for it! This is amazing!

    I am going to put a blurb about it on my blog with the hope that friends in DF will join.

    Thanks for letting us know about it.

  8. I found your site useful I am in the exact situation you are but living in the US trying to transition with my kids to Mexico where my husband is from. Dealing with Dual Citizenship, Passports, Immigration. Ugh. And a sweet little bundle on the way :)

  9. AWL- glad you found the site, Hope it is of some help, good luck with the legalities.