Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Well after getting back from my visit to see my family I got sick. My first two days back consisted of doing laundry and trying to debug the house. I asked my husband how often he moped while I was gone and he said twice. I was gone for 3 weeks. Yikes. Well then I started to feel pretty sick. Honestly I don't remember ever being that sick since I had pneumonia when I as 18. So after the third day of not being able to get off the couch Issac took a day off work to take me to the doctor. Also the baby had a cough but didn't seem as sick as me. Like most government run operations the seguro had kinda screwed up the information they had given us. You see during one of my visits alone with the baby I asked what we should do if one of us gets sick and I was told I should come in very early even at 6am if I could. When I told my husband this he said there was no way that was right. So on our last visit where we all got check ups he asked the same question. This time they told us we needed to come in at 1pm that this was when the appointments start. So the day my husband took off work we sat around until 1pm and went to the seguro. It was packed and when we told the lady why we were there she looked at us like we were nutz. She held up a stack of books in one hand and said that was all the people who got appointments and then another stack in her other hand of people who wanted to see the doctor if he got through the appointments early. She then explained to Issac that we are suppose to come in early and drop off our book to "make and appointment" And then they start seeing people at one. So third times a charm and at least we know what to do now. As far as this time around we went to the private clinic I went to when pregnant. They are efficient and not to much money. We paid 400pesos for me and the baby to get checked by a doctor, diagnosed, and given a list of medications to get. That is less than 40 usd for two people to see a doctor. Of course her list of medications were all brand names and way more expensive than the ones we ended up actually getting. Also I didn't like the cough medication she prescribed it made me feel all shaky and sick. That is the great thing about here you just go get the one you know works for you. Oh it ended up that I had Strep which was trying hard to become bronchitis and the baby had a slight ear infection which was causing drainage and a cough. I'm pleased to report that we are both done with our antibiotics and aside from a slight cough and sometimes sore throat on my part we are doing much better. I spent the girls 2 hour nap today reading up on blogs that I hadn't read much of since before my trip. Its so nice to be back to a place where I'm understood. Thank you all for posting about your lives with all the ups downs and funny happenings.


  1. Glad you and your daughter are doing better! I enjoy your blog very much too Amanda ;)