Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So much to do.... And all the time to do it. ;)

That is what I love about the Mexico Amanda. I'm telling you before I moved here I felt that anything that needed to be done should be done now. Or maybe what needed to be done should have been done yesterday. Well anyway here is my to do list and I'm actually giving myself months of time to do it.

First things first I have to renew my FM2. Its due by Dec 17th. so that will have to happen in the next couple weeks.

Go see doctor at the seguro to get test results and ask about my gall bladder and birth control. This will prob be some time in the next month or so.

Get my eyes checked and order new glasses.

Check out schools for my 3 yr old we will need to know where we want to go by Feb.

And last but certainly not least (and something I'm so excited to do) is to go by the Cruz rojo and find out if I can volunteer. Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow blogger I will be soon at the Cruz rojo hopefully knee deep in sick people at least once a week. Oh how I miss caring for people. I'm excited to get myself acclimated with the medical field in Mexico.

I wanted to make this post to see how soon I actually get any of this stuff done. I have slowly but surely moved to the very lax attitude of the Mexicans. Ok well that might be taking it way to far I'm just not as uptight as I use to be.


  1. Isn't that such an awesome way of life. Maybe I can also be a part of it some day? Where do you live?

  2. Cruz Roja (not rojo)...why didn't I think of that? They do a lot of things besides treat sick people. For one thing they will do a blood test that you need to get married for free. That's where Gina and I went. What a great deal. Amanda, I can't think of a better way for you to combine your medical skills with your ongoing study of the language. Good luck!

  3. Amanda,
    The thing about IMSS...it is a great place but it is a wee bit confusing until you learn the ropes. After a while you get to know the rhythm of the place and you know when to go and how to get past the confusion. I went just yesterday for a routine chest X-ray and was in and out in 15 minutes. Just don't give up on it. As your Spanish gets better and better you will find it easier and easier to get what you need out of the system. Just remember to keep your cool no mater what happens. The IMSS people have a tough job and if you meet them halfway they will treat you right. Regarding medicine. Whatever I can't get at IMSS I try to get a Walmart where they have a discount for seniors (sorry) and generic drugs. What I can't find cheap enough there I go to Doctor Simi to get. You can get good quality Vitamin "C" from Dr. Simi for a lot less than other places.

  4. YAY! So glad you are going to volunteer at the cruz roja, im sure you will meet many new people and make connections that will help you find a nursing job.

  5. Bob- Yeah we have figured that out. For example when I bring the baby for immunizations I know better than to just wait around like some of them will tell you to do. I walk right into the office and hand them her book. Once we actually get seen we have always had good care. Oh and we just heard of a store around here that sells only generics for medications so we will be checking that out next time. And I am so excited about cruz roja call me crazy but I cant wait to stick someone again. ;)
    Trailrunner-thanks so much for the advice.
    Mamma-you are so right and that is part of the reason Im so excited. I cant wait to make my own friends.
    Karen- I live in a town called Tepatitlan, its beautiful and I love it. Its about an hour and a half away from GDL.

  6. I'm so excited for you Amanda! How exciting... you get the best of both worlds.... your hubby here in Mexico, a beautiful family, and the ability to continue to help people. What could be better! Congratulations!

    oh... and call me if you're up for lunch while you're here!

  7. That's great news Amanda! Hope you will be fulfilled by volunteering with Cruz Roja...I keep searching for my purpose here as well and it gives me hope that I can find something. Keep us updated <3

  8. The Red Cross is a great idea! You can help people and learn more about the language and customs of Mexico.
    Good for you. Keep listening to that little voice that calls out to you, and you will be fine.

  9. I love the cruz roja, I have been there many times. In cuernavaca we have a huge hospital, my husband worked there for 4 years, back when he was in the medical field. It is such a good hospital, and down here they always need english speakers to work there, check it out. Ya know about the schools if you pick out a good state some of the public schools are not so bad. I have been picking up my nieces from the public kinder and elementary school and they are really learning english, and the 8 year old is talking to me, WOW. The 3 year old just sings me songs all the time, and knows her numbers in english, which is really good for a native Mexican, with no english speakers in her home. Not bad. I went out to my American club of friends this week, and it is so nice to have my homeland and my husband at the same time. I would check out Morelos, so close to Mexico city an hour on the bus. The men here work in the city and come home on the weekends Thur-Sun and so on and evenings, depending on the job, and there are a lot of jobs here as well. They say Puebla is a great place as well, so close to the city as well and cheap, great schools. I think a townhouse is like 20,000 USD for a good one, and with payments, so that is cheap! We drove through there but never stayed, it is like a couple hours from here and close to Mexico City. But, ya know I thought of you too, I have been seeing used clothing shops and baby shops left and right. So we have been making plans for where to buy stuff for later. good to know!! But good luck and if you ever need any help with making plans I would be glad to help, if you are in the city area.