Saturday, November 21, 2009


From my 7 1/2 month old. ;) I love love love this age we are having so much fun running and grabbing things from her before she can put it into her mouth. She has this sixth sense for where the small pieces of stuff might be on any floor no matter how clean. Also even though I mop everyday I refuse to let her on the kitchen floor. The way our apartment is our living room and kitchen just kinda connect almost like one room. I tried laying down all our kitchen chairs as a blockade but shes a strong little bugger and would slid over to them, sit up, and push them out of her way. So now my boarder consists of an suitcase on its side that is full of my craft stuff, my coffee table on its side and a car seat that is to small for the 3 yr old and two big for the baby. Shes so funny I'm not even sure she knows why but she wants through that wall so badly. The other day she managed to maneuver between the chair and table and just sat there looking so proud of herself. Then spotted my shoes on the kitchen side of the table and went for them. Shes like a little puppy she loves to chew shoes. Oh and as far as an update on how the floor stuff is going with out carpet or rugs. Well I think shes decided to skip crawling, maybe because it hurts her knees a little. We gave up on the blanket quite some time ago and just made sure she always has one of the button bottom t-shirts and a pair of pants and socks on. The week we got home from our trip she figured out how to get herself to a sitting position and then back to her belly. That was a great help to mommy. She gets around quite well with the wounded army crawl and now shes pulling up on things. So soon the cruzing the furniture will begin. Now that she is pulling up on things we have to move anything unsafe for a baby to a higher level. This should be a load of fun with Christmas stuff. I cant wait to see her terrorize everything at Christmas. My first was only 5 mo old and not moving to much her first Christmas and by the second one she was old enough to tell no. When I say I cant wait I'm being serious, even though I'm constantly on my toes after her I think its hilarious to see what she picks to get into. For example she will be in a room full of toys and one small tiny piece of paper in some corner and guess what she picks. We did finally find a store that has some of the basic safety items like socket covers and door locks. The only thing is we don't have cabinets ;) But be sure that my three year old is on top of it. Boy she watches baby sister like a hawk and yells, "No baby sister," if she almost puts something in her mouth that she shouldn't. They are so funny to watch play together. The three year old is going to have to start school soon. Its not mandatory until 4 and apparently they don't learn to much until then. But I cant believe how much of her Spanish she has lost since we've been back from our trip. And its not so much that she lost it but that she just refuses to use it. I think she needs to be in the immersion environment and she will do fine. Also I want her to learn communication skills before its time for her to actually be learning material. So Bahumbug we have to go over that hurdle soon. We started talking to her about it and she said, "Ok and mommy can come and Papi and baby Joslin." And we were like no school is only for you. After that she says she doesn't want to go. I think my husbands going to cry on her first day. lol

Yeah Holidays are upon us. I cant wait to start my advent calendar we start ours on Thanksgiving.


  1. Amanda,
    Gina and I spent the day with her three year old grandson and we had a blast. Kids are really neat to have around. I hope your three year old enjoys school. My mother-in-law Carmelita has a Kinder called Ignacio Allende Jardín de Niños. Too bad you don't live closer. I could get you a really big discount (wink, wink).

  2. Babies are precious at that age, enjoy the moment because as you know, they grow fast! Its nice to hear from you, hope all is well ;)

  3. Awww! Joslyn is at the age that moms get the most exercise. From the time they begin to crawl until they learn to walk and run well, you have to be after them to make sure they don't hurt themselves. Good luck with the Christmas tree! Make sure you don't have any breakable ornaments, because Joslin will pull them off the tree. Alana might be tempted to do so also.

    I have a Christmas train that I like to put on the floor around the tree skirt, but every single one of my kids loves to take the train off the tracks and dismantle the tracks. I'm hoping this is the first year in many that it will actually stay put!

    Don't worry about Alana going to school yet! It is way too soon. Just keep speaking to her in both English and Spanish, so that she doesn't lose or forget either language. And just a reminder...pre-registration for school or kinder is in February! :D

  4. My daughter turned 4 yesterday and she only spoke Spanish until this past January. She started going to a daycare October of '08 and did not speak any English (we always spoke spanish at home so that's why) and then by Christmas last year she was speaking english. I guess she thought that english was cool, because it was new to her so she did not want to speak spanish anymore. So now she is just learning her Spanish again. She can translate!!! Daddy Edgar was talking to my grandmother and he did not understand and she told him what my granny had said. I thought that was so cute!

  5. My little girl just turned 6 this week. When we first moved here they stayed home with me and I did some homeschooling- but in English. This year they started school and are almost fluent. In only 3 months. It is amazing. I know what you mean about the Christmas stuff. My daughter was 13 months the 1st Christmas she could move around- and Akilean was 11 months his 1st Christmas. We have been cursed to the tree on a stand for a while. But now it if better because they love to make all of the decorations for the tree!

    I am glad to hear that this trip went well.

  6. Tulum-I loved your post about your 6yr old. Glad to hear she is having no prob with the Spanish. That helps me to not freak out about Alana
    Leslie- we do speak to her in both but honestly she mostly gets English. But Im sure we can wait till Feb to get her enrolled I still have to look around and find the right place. Not to expensive but not to crappy. ;)
    Mama- your right but by the time this one is out of the baby stage we will be ready for number 3. ;)
    Bob- I bet that was fun. Three is so fun, mine comes up with something new everyday. I think she will love school once shes use to the fact of us not being there with her. But really here its only half day anyway so she will do fine I think.
    Crystal. Thats so cute that she translates. I have a feeling no matter how great my Spanish gets my daughter will be doing that for me some day.