Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home again, Home again, jigidy jig

Well I am back from my 3 weeks of visiting friends and family. I must say it was nice but I missed home badly while there. I also realized that most of what I was freaked out about here really wasn't to much different from there. And that a lot of the things I thought I missed so much were not all I had made them to be in my crazy little mind. Over time your mind will play tricks and make things larger than they really are. For example I thought I missed fountain soda which after tasting seemed to be missing something. Ice cream also is something that I ate a lot of while there but I realize that I have found supplements for my Ice Cream addiction it just took me some time and tasting of different ones. I come home with a renewed spirit and mind knowing that this is my life and I am prepared to live it. I also know that another visit to the States is far far in the future if ever. As much as I missed everyone I realized that everyone has a life going for themselves and not only am I adjusting to not living there so is everyone else. I was happy to know and see this. My family understands and is happy with my decisions. They are still very emotional about the whole immigration issue and with so much press its a hard place to be. Being here I finally don't have to deal with questions or rude remarks as much but they still do on an almost daily basis.
On a lighter note something I had seen on face book is that people are posting something everyday that they are thankful for. I wanted to make a list of things that I was thankful to get back to for each day of November that I have missed.
Day1) waiting on the hot water- this may sound weird but I'm thankful for the patience in everyday activities it has given me.
2)saying good night and good morning to my husband
3)seeing him play with my girls, or read to them.
4)The wonderful weather
5)being conscious of what electricity I'm using. (this was driving me batty during my visit to the states)
6)NO CARPET.... can you believe it. It was only a few posts ago that I posted how much I missed it and that I was giving in and getting rid of my rugs. But every time I turned around even if someone had just vacuumed my baby was putting a fuzzy in her mouth.
7)Our nighttime routine. My girls didn't sleep through the night the whole time we were gone. I have now gotten 3 full nights of sleep. Yeah for our own beds.
8) Little use of diaper bag and help when I do need it. Our town is very small and most of the time I can do with a diaper and a bottle in my purse, and when we do go to visit somewhere for a long time I have my husband to tick a list of before we head out the door. Twice I left with out enough bottles or diapers during my visit.
9)TORTILLAS- I literally groaned when we had fresh tortillas last night. Holy cow I missed them.
10)Hanging my cloths to dry- I realize this is now a stress reliever and a time of peace and reflection for me. That sounds odd but seriously I missed it and I felt myself unraveling as I hung and took down my loads of laundry after I got home.
11) Laid back driving. Man I was so nervous the whole time driving in the states. I was afraid Id forget to really stop at a stop sign.
12) Talking to my husband about our days. This I missed so much, we do a run down of our days almost every day even when hes off. We just talk about what we did all day.

What I love is how easy this list came out. I seriously didn't have to stop to think. Mind you I still have roaches and they were kinda having a hay day when I got home because my husband only mopped twice while I was gone and every bit of cloths he had were dirty and there was a pile of dishes. But I have already got most of them dead and will keep fighting the new ones that I know will come in daily. But I'm oddly enough ok with this. I know people in the states get them and its not because they are gross.

Our newest goal is for me to find work. Most of you know I am a nurse. So I'm looking for a clinic in an area that may cater to Americans. Our first plan is to check out the Chapala area. My husband lived there for a few years as a child. Its a nice area and I hope that my English will be so needed in a clinic that they will work with me on my broken Spanish. If any one has any ideas they will be welcome.

Oh and if you didn't figure it out from that last paragraph Canada is not going to work because the government has put a hold on hiring nurses for a year or so. And because of that the private facilities are flooded with Canadian nurses application. Luckily we were not putting to much stock in the option in the first place so no harm no foul there. Moving on to look for work here.


  1. amanda did you see what happened to us when e went to canada...? it was awful. (the details are on my blog) but what happened is e flew to canada with his multiple entry visa in hand and they totally treated him like he was lying, confused him and then denied him entry. can you beleive it.

  2. Welcome back, amiga. During my trip, I also found that I didn't miss the US as much as I thought I did in my mind. And that I appreciated the seemingly trivial tasks in Mexico that teach patience. :-)

  3. Amanda You guys should look in to either Mexico City or Morelos. Mexico City has a hospital named ABC hospital it is an American hospital from what I have heard, very expensive. Where I will have a baby if we still can't get my husband to the states. Also Cuernavaca I love cuz I can go to walmart, chilis, home depot, and any fast food in case there is a need, 2 soon to be 3 malls, anything you would ever need and I still have my little US and my husband still has Mexico. There is a club of americans that live there and it is said to say there are like 4,000 full time residents. They have 4th of july parties, halloween and it helps living there, and a very nice city with great schools for the kids. If you work at a private school your kids can go there for free. I meet new friends with the same immigration issues, all the time. I love it. People stop you on the street, and wow you have new friends. I am a teacher so it works for me working there. You can buy a townhouse for 30,000 USD outside of the city, like 10 mins, plus Mexico city is a bus ride away and many men work in the city and come home at night. Our first choice was the US but it just might never happen, and you are right I need to accept that. You are so right that people ask me questions daily on why I married a Mexican, I get so sick of the rude comments, it is hard and in Mexico I never had that.. So nice to meet you. I found your page through Julia's page. And I really believe that God brings people into our lives when we need it, and really your posts and page are what is keeping me going. My husband and I are living apart and it is getting difficult, we have been apart for 2.5 years. I need to come back to Mexico, but I am almost done school. So soon enough. Your stories and blogs are helping me get through everyday, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you know any support groups, I am in deep need of it. But keep in touch I have facebook at, nice to meet you and again thanks for putting up this page. God bless and enjoy those babies of yours! And look into Cuernavaca, it is only 6-8 hour bus ride to Jalisco, we have gone there bus leaves at night and in the morning you wake up in Jalisco, some of my husband's family is from GUAD, Jalisco and they visit us all the time it is easy, 500 pesos, facil!! cuidate mucho! bye

  4. First of all, welcome home! Home really is where your heart is. So, if Isaac is in Mexico, then Mexico must be home. :D

    I am loving the Thanksgiving posts on Facebook. There are so many "little" things to be thankful for. I could keep it up all year.

  5. I don't know anything about clinics in this area or whether they need nurses, but I think it's a good place to start looking. Ajijic, especially, has a very large US and Canadian retiree community. Many of the expats don't speak Spanish, and, seeing as many of them are getting on in years, that might mean there's a good demand for English-speaking nurses. Good luck!

    And... if you're coming into the area and would like to meet up, or if there's anything I could do to help out, let me know! We're in San Juan Cosalá, just west of Ajijic.

  6. I am glad you had a good trip. Did you bring back anything that was on your list? Did you go trick or treating?
    Okay about the nursing, do you want to move? Because I am sure in hospital where there are tourists or something they would need english speaking nurses..maybe?

  7. So glad to hear from you and that you had a good time with your family (overall):) I know what its like to miss your hubby! Im not familiar with the hospitals or clinics in Chapala but will be praying that everything works out for you and you find a great job!

  8. Amanda - I'm so glad you had a great trip home, and I'm happier you missed your "real home" !!! Wow, what a good feeling it must be for you? Relief...!!!

    You should look at moving to the Cancun area... amerispans or something??!! I'd keep my fingers crossed, and would look into things for you...

    Good luck amiga and welcome home !!

  9. Hola Chika! I am glad your trip went good and that you are back home with your hubby! At the moment we are here in california fighting my hubby's case, hoping for the best and well preparing fot the worst. Hubby is from Las Trojes which is close to Chapala. I have been looking into Guadalajara, Chapala, Jocotepec, or Ajijic, in case things don't turn out how we wnatthem too. I've heard a lot of goods things about Chapala & Ajijic. I do wish you all the best in finding a good place to settle in wher you would be able to use your skills. Let me know if you guys check out the Chapala are. Oh theres a website and they have a house for rent on it, but it's in Joco. Once again Good Luck & God Bless.

  10. Oh - one more thing I forgot to mention if you do consider this area... My suegro is a Dr - I'm sure he could be of some assistance!

  11. Hey Momma! Glad your trip went well and everyone is home safe and sound.

    Sorry about the Canada thing. What a bummer. Well, Chapala and Ajijic would be a great choice while still staying somewhat close to Isaac's family. Remember, Guadalajara has alot of english speakers as well, especially in the ritzy areas. Hubby just recently found a dentist that speaks a little english, so you know we'll be sticking with them for a good while. You might find that same kinda luck here in GDL or Chapala.

    Abby has some good ideas too. If you can't find work as a nurse, since you do have a degree (which is mandatory at some of the really nice schools.) you might want to look into teaching english at some of the private schools. A gal from the States moved down here and started working at one of the priv. ones and started making, i think, 8000 pesos a month AND her kids get to go there!! What could be better? If you need any info about anything relatively close to us, PLEASE feel free to ask. Always here to help!

  12. That is a really good idea, to move to a tourist town, where there are lots of americans/ and english speaking area,any beach area. Like Cancun/RMaya, nice place we just went there this summer, very hot but lots of americans. Cuernavaca/Cancun/and PuertoV, I would think has the most americans in the country, in my opinion and I have been to almost every state within Mexico. But, you could even open your own clinic, in a tourist town, get a little local, and build a business. Cuernavaca has like 1.5 million students a summer go study there, so there is another option for you. Good luck!!

  13. Hi, I live in Jocotepec and blog about it and the area. I'm also a paramedic and volunteer in the Cruz Roja clinic and on the ambulance.
    There are tons of clinics in the Ajijic/Chapala area but they are small operations and only have a nurse or 2. Guad has fabulous hospitals with great medicine and needs loads of nurses. For example, San Javier, Del Carmen, Puerto de Heirro, Bernadete. Feel free to email me through my blog, if you have questions I might be able to answer for you.
    Where are you now????

  14. I stumbled upon your blog and this post...I am a nurse in canada and have only heard of a hold on hiring in Alberta. There is still a shortage here and have been hiring large numbers of internationally educated nurses, keep looking if Canada is where you would like to be, I do think it is possible.

  15. Wow Im always amazed at the turn out on posts like this one. Thank you all so much for your insight and kind words. There are to many comments to respond individually but I do want to answer a few questions. As far as Canada goes I really do feel that God wants us here in Mexico I may never know why but it always has just felt that way. Also the amount of money it would take to get all the nursing stuff done is a lot and I would be an RPN insted of and RN. Which goes into another answer. I have looked into teaching but my degree is an Associate and you need a bachelor to do the teaching program at least where I have asked anyway. Plus my heart is in nursing and if I cant do that I need to be in the medical field somewhere. Its just who I am. As far as the beaches and tourist areas Im hoping we can stick to something with maybe more retires than tourist. That may sound nutz but I would rather my daughters not grow up around spring breakers. In the end I will take what I can get but I love the ideas of the hospitals in and around Guad or Mexico city. Im scared to death of Mexico city so I think we will start in Guad. Mexican Trailrunner I went to your blog and cant find an e-mail so I will just leave you a comment I have lots of questions and it sounds like you can help with them.
    Thanks everyone again I'm glad to be home and back to my little community of bloggers. ;)

  16. Amanda I looked up Tepatitlan and it is so pretty. I love the Mexican churches my new found interest. We love to visit all the pretty churches! I also agree with you I kind of feel like Mexico is where we belong as well. But I have to try one last time or I will never know. I will always wonder. But Jalisco is a pretty state and Mexico City scares me too but that is why you live outside and he can drive in to work. There is a town called Huitzilac,and Tres Marias it is like 30 mins outside of Mexico City and 15 from Cuernavaca the semi American town and it is up in the woods so pretty. I grew up in the country so it is pretty. The lots have land and privacy, you can get them for like 10,000 and up. There are so many options. I Hope that you find your path! Good luck!

  17. Amanda, barra de navidad and Melaque have lots of retirees, they are beach towns, but not spring break type towns. Really pretty. Praying you find the path that is right for you.

  18. Please check out my blog I so enjoy yours!