Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FM2 Renewal

We went to Guadalajara yesterday to pick up my FM2 booklet. Or so we thought. When we went to drop off our papers the last time we did as the website advised and brought our new lease and the dates that we moved. The lady had me fill out a little application about both apartments and that was that. When we go to pick up our booklet the lady at the counter says that we have to pay a 1,000p fine because we did our renewal late. I argued with her as did my husband and finally she took our paper back and looked at it. She kind of giggled and apologized and said it was because we did inform them of our move with in 30day. Also there was a listing that I didn't provide all that I needed to about me leaving the country when I visited MO in Oct. The combined fee is the 1,000p. So we still have to pay it but at least we know why. I have to bring back a copy of my first lease and my flight itinerary, and of course multiple copies of the receipt from the fee that we pay. Our only main complaint to her at that point was that they should have told us about this before when we were there because we live an hour and a half away. There of course was no good reason why this didn't happen it just didn't. She said we could pay the fee at any bank and because we were both about to blow a gasket we decided to walk downtown to walk off some steam. This helped a lot and and although at the beginning of the walk we were discussing weather I really needed to be legal, by the end we were back to our senses and we knew we should have expected this delay. Luckily once we get the immigration part out of the way we genuinely enjoy our visits to Guad. We walked around downtown, bought our coffee and fig newtons, and ate at burger king. Then we got to go visit friends (Melissa of http://livingonrefrieddreams.blogspot.com/2010/01/officially-integrated.html)We had a good time getting to hang out at their shop and she brought us to Costco so us country folk could buy things like Cheddar cheese. ;) We were so excited about the cheese she prob thinks were nutz. Seriously when we got home that night my daughter was sitting on the living room floor half a sleep then a glow came to her eyes and she was wide awake and she said, "can I have some Cheddar Cheese!?!?!?!?!?"


  1. Amanda,
    Don't let the FM2 people grind you down. It's just a game. As soon as you get your permanent residency the game will be over and you will have won. In the meantime don't show your anger. All that will do is set you back a few steps. One very important thing...when leaving the country you need to check with migration at the airport before you board the plane and get your FM2 booklet stamped. When you get back they will stamp it again and give you a piece of paper. You should guard this piece of paper with your FM2. They can fine you if you don't both check out and check in.

  2. I can't believe it is already that time.. it seems like you just got that all in order like 6 months ago. wow. time is flying, well for me it is. You?

  3. I wonder if the fine is related to the traveling form. You have to fill out a form when you leave the country, you turn in part to emigration they give you back the red copy. Then when you return you turn in the red copy and they stamp your visa (sometimes they stamp the passport too, but the visa is the important one). There is a fine if you have been entering Mexico on just your passport instead of doing this. Of course, no one tells about it at immigration 'cuz TIM.
    No govt agency seems to handle money, so you get used to having to find a bank to make a payment.
    It all gets easier, at least your husband speaks Spanish!

  4. You'd think they would spell it out for us gringos in plain English or Spanish! Some up-to-date info with all the details we need to know about.

    Hope it all works out! :D

  5. Please tell me what is the advantage of having the FM2? I don't want to go into details here but I should have an FM3. I gave the school where I work all my documents last July. I still don't have it.

  6. Bob yeah we know but in the moment we were really frustrated, mainly because what we expected was to have my book handed to me not a fee.
    Theresa-Your right I cant imagine how much of a pain this would be if I didnt have my husband standing there with me.
    Leslie- Seriously, I mean come on people!!!!!
    Ritamg- With the FM2 if you are married to a citizen you can after three years of renewal become a citizen or a permanent resident. You can not do this with the FM3. But with the FM2 in order to work you also have to get and pay for a separate work permit that isn't necessary with the FM3, Hope that helps.

  7. What my friends leave all the time! Without an issue, my friend Sara goes home 5 times a year or so! I never knew all this about leaving I wonder how Sara does it? So weird.. So sorry about that! I would fight it...

  8. Abby-leaving and coming is no big deal as long as you get your booklet stamped by the Mexican immigration on your booklet. Thats where I messed up I didn't get it on the way out. When you renew they get a copy of your entire passport so they can tell if you have gone or not. Does that make sense?

  9. Hi Amanada,
    My name's Abby. I'm planning to go to a language school in Zapopan,Jalisco this October and am wondering if you know if that is close to where you're living. I think it's a suburb of Guad. I'm so excited because I am planning to be a missionary to Chiapas Mexico and need to learn the language first. The Lord is so gracious. I'm blessed by your blog. Praying for you and your family!

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  11. Hi Amanda,
    I soooo know what you mean about the cheddar cheese! Geez it took me two years to finally find some biscuit mix! Sometimes its the everyday "things" that we miss about the states. All in all I am getting the hang of things here living in Colima. I too am an American married to a Mexican and we have two children. Hope you guys are well, best wishes!