Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seguro Popular

I hope I spelled that right. After going to the private doctor and getting the rundown Issac asked the doctor at his work about the surgery. She said that the hospital that is with the Popular has lapriscopic equipment and that the service there is good. We decided we need to check out this option because it will prob be half the cost. Issac was very clear that if at any point I am uncomfortable with the hospital, doctor, or anything we will spend the money to do the private one. Iv been in this hospital visiting and going with friends a couple times and it doesn't look much different than the private hospital I was in for the baby. Wednesday we went into the clinic to see what the procedure was. We were told to come back at 7 in the morning in order to see the doctor. As we were pulling the kids out of bed I was thinking that there wouldn't be a lot of people there since it was so early. I was wrong. We go there at 7 sharp and found ourselves somewhere around 15th in line. So I waited in the car with the girls until Issac saw we were getting a little closer and then we joined him in the line. When it was our turn we explained our situation and she gave us a number (basically put us in line for the doctor) but asked us to set aside until the other nurse showed up and could make out our file. The normal seguro doesn't even have files you have a booklet that you carry in and out with you which is your file. Then after waiting for more than an hour I sent my husband home with the girls, he had worked all night and the girls were getting restless. It was close to 930 when I was called to see the nurse. She took my history and my blood pressure, weight, and height. This all went pretty well I thought and she understood me quite well. Then it was time to wait again. It was after 11 when the doctor finally called my name. Here is something interesting everyone one else had also been in there since 6 or7 am but you didn't see one annoyed or frustrated face. Its just what everyone expects so you just sit and wait. the doctor was great and spoke excellent English. He did have to think about his words a little but when spoken has little accent. I continued speaking in Spanish unless I didn't know the words and it all went well. Thankfully after the examination and history he decided I for sure have either stones or chronic inflammation in my gall bladder. He of course questioned me on why we were living here if I was a nurse and could be doing quite well in the states and I was open and honest with my answer's. I did tell him that after the surgery I would be looking into working here and he said that the way I had been communicating and the fact that I have my degree I should have no problems finding a job. That I just need to be sure I can write in Spanish well (for the doctors of course. lol) He then wrote up my referal for the surgen and thankfully by now my husband had come back to get me because I didnt want to confuse the process. He gave us one paper and put two copies of the same in the office. Apparently there is one guy who brings all the referals to the hospital and scheduals them all then we go back to the same clinic on Thursday and pick up our appointment date which will be in some time the next week. I only hope the next appointment goes and smoth and that he says what we want him to say.


  1. I feel for you. I've had gall bladder issues but nothing like yours. It is painful.

  2. Bless your heart for being so patient. Hubby and I always have a hard time when waiting at the Seguro. I hope everything goes well and that you're able to have your surgery soon.

    How cool that your doctor spoke English! And was so encouraging about finding a job here. :D

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Amanda,
    You are doing fine. I am very proud of you for speaking Spanish to the doctor. You are growing and growing. I think that God sends Americans like you and me to Mexico to teach us patience...and it works. I am going to tell you something that you already know but won't say because of modesty. There is a great future ahead of you. As you start working as a nurse and your ability in Spanish improves even more you will find yourself in a leadership role and you will be rewarded :)

  4. Hey, no problem getting a job there! Very good! See? You'll be cleaning airway equipment again before you know it.
    Suerte con su cirugía, vas a estar bien!

  5. Amanda! wow! it is so great that you are open to checking out stuff like the seguro popular. I love the medical care here.
    I just thought of something that you might not know about. Have you had all your education and credentials apostilled? An apostile is how you verify that your certs are real and valid. You can look up online how to do it, but basically the state department stamps your documents. I believe you also have to have them translated into Spanish by an official translator and then notarized as a true translation. More expense and hassle, but I thought that you had better find out now if you don't already now.
    Good luck with the gall bladder surgery.

  6. Amanda,

    Theresa is right on about the Apostile. However, the purpose of an Apostile by international agreement is to certify that the seal and signature placed on a public document by a state or local government official is valid. Apostiles are issued by the Secretary of State of the state where the document originated. This can be done by mail or courier (better for security of your original document) and there is usually a cost of just a few dollars. If your school is a private school you may need a notarized and apostilized letter from the school stating that your credentials are valid. The translation by an official translator will cost somewhere in the range of 500 to 1000 pesos but it will be an excellent translation because the official translators are very educated, experienced, and talented.

  7. Amanda,

    Thanks for writing about the seguro process. And I hope all things go well with your surgery. And, it's actually a blessing that you know and have been through the process yourself. Will ultimately give you a better understanding of your job as a nurse here in Mexico.

  8. Ritamg-did you get yours taken out? Im asking because you said had, or was yours only during a pregnancy?
    Leslie-It really is a pain but free is worth it. ;)
    Bob-Thanks really your words are uplifting, when Im in the medical facilities here it makes me want to work so bad. I love floor work, but like before I already look around and see what things could make it better and that is what got me into management before. All in good time.
    Trailrunner-I hope so. ;)
    And Teresa and Bob- I know this may be necessary and its something my husband and I have been talking about. I hate doing that stuff but we are now thinking it may be better to get it done even if I may not need it. We don't want to be in a situation where I absolutely need a job and have to wait for the papers. With the job in San Luis I'm not sure if I'm will need to get all that or not because it is an American company. I need to e-mail them and ask. Thanks for the heads up and getting me thinking in that direction.