Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Take the good with the bad

I think that I posted about our trip to the Seguro about my gall bladder issues. Basically this is the public health insurance her in Mexico. And more or less unless I'm writhing in pain or untill my gall bladder bursts, the doctor isn't going to do surgery. We tried to live with this verdict but everyday a new food is causing me pain. So we decided to go see what the private doctor had to say. We trust this doctor to tell us the best case scenario because we went to him when I was pregnant and when all this began. At that point he had also decided that surgery wasn't necessary. This time around he decided differently. He did an ultrasound and found that my gallbladder isn't emptying AT ALL. He couldn't see any of the bile sludge or stones but he said that a lot of times in cases like this they cant see that until they take it out. So the good news is that there is an end to my sick stomach and painful gallbladder. The bad news is that because we are going through the private sector although it will be cheap it will also drain us of all of our savings. We knew this day was coming and what is a savings for if not necessary surgeries. All in all its actually quite cheap compared to American standards and in the private hospitals here you get pretty good service. He estimated it would cost us between 23,000 and 25,000 (this is pesos mind you) to get the lapriscopic one done. The other would be a little cheaper but not enough to account for the longer healing time and the scar. It would also be cheaper if we went to his office in Guadaljara but the travel and stay there would rise the cost up anyway. Things are so laid back here its so funny to me. Basically he told us to find someone who could stay at the house for a week to help me with the girls and once we have all the money to just call him up and he will schedule it within 2 days from that date. All this stuff is so easy here there is no middle man who holds tons and tons of papers. So that is that and as soon as we can get it done we will and then its off to find a job. Apparently the San Luis Job wont be happening till like June and were thinking I should get one here if possible so there is some type of competition pay wise and so I know what the heck I'm talking about when asking for benefits.


  1. Amanda go to the US, Texas to get it done drive up there.. Not worth it down here. Having a baby is fine I would do that here, but not Gallbladder. My aunt had it done and a doctor in Mexico city for 30,000 and when she got home her entire stitches split open and they had to do another surgery at el suegro... Mexico city is said to have the best meds so OMG. I had to help her, she was in so much pain and no pain meds! They dont really give pain meds here, only for major things! You know there is a health insurance for the US and Mexico works in both countries. Blue Cross something, also Aetna works here and works in he US. It is mil pesos cada mes but you could have it for a month or two, or go to the US and let them pay for it... I would let them pay for it...

  2. very sorry to hear about your health problem, but thanks for sharing. We, too, have IMSS, but have never had to use it for anything. We do hear all kinds of stories, some good and some not so good. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do. hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Not to discredit Abby's experience, but my husband had a heart disease least year that required over a month of hospitalization to remove bacteria from his heart, then open heart surgery which required two heart valves being replaced. This drained some of our savings, but not near what it could have been, because fortunately he was accepted into a state gov. program funded specifically for heart disease patients, because we had just moved here and was unemployed. He was given several medications, the nursing staff and doctors were great. Like with most things in Mexico, it seemed to take forever to get things done, but in the end I would say they did an excellent job taking care of him. The surgery and his recovery over the past several months has been excellent, top-notch quality. If physicians are capable of fixing such a severe heart condition, I would trust them to handle a gall bladder as well. Of course, this is based on my experiences so far.

    I wish you the best in your endeavors, health and employment-wise, it will all turn out ok in the end.

  4. I know that the gall bladder pain hurts. I had to have mine taken out and after I have had no problems. I can't believe they were trying to make you wait because if I am thinking right your gall bladder can be dangerous. I hope you get it taken out soon and for me the recovery was not that bad.

  5. Abby-yes we plan to have it done here, first off there are many problems with trying to go to the states for it. The major one is my girls, and the less important is money. Also I have heard more good stories than bad about the healthcare system and from what Iv seen first hand although they dont have the latest in technology everyone is well educated which is what matters. Also after being a nurse in the U.S for almost 10yrs you learn to brush aside the horror stories. If I told you everything Iv been told or seen there you would never go to the doctor or a hospital again. ;) But seriously thank you for your concern, I take it in good heart.
    Linda-Read my comment to Abby and take all you hear with a grain of salt and check it out for yourself.
    Leah-Thank you for your story that is very comforting, heart surgery is much more invasive than a laproscopic one so if they can manage that down here Im sure they will have me covered.
    Crystal- The thought of not having a bloated gassy stomach everyday and gall bladder pain almost everyday sounds so nice after almost 2 years of it.