Thursday, February 4, 2010

My hodgpodg week.

This week has been quite out of the ordinary for us. First off on Tuesday we headed to Guadalajara to drop of the paperwork they requested the last time we were there. My Suegra stayed the night Monday night so she could go with us. The girls were so excited she was here that they both stayed up past their bedtimes. Mi Suegra is a wonderful Christian lady and is so good with my girls. As with any mother in law we have our differences and by the end of our time together I'm usually on edge (a little). Even though both Christian we grew up in totally different worlds and now have completely opposite perspectives. I am always looking for the short cut and she just takes the long way around without even thinking about it. This made it quite interesting when I was holding the baby and she the umbrella. Seriously I'm sure we were a riot to see. Anyway with her help with the girls, immigration went quite smooth. Her, the girls and I waited inside the office for Issac to go pay our fee and make copies of all our papers. (sometimes it must suck being the dad. lol) There was almost no one there so once I got a number we were second in line. The lady asked for all our papers one by one and then stamped them all and gave us our originals back. She didn't ask for the itinerary for my flight so we brought it up to her and she agreed we needed it. This is one of those times you know its a good idea to read your papers yourself to know what you need to turn in. So that is it for now on immigration we are to go back after February 9th and hopefully pick up my book.
Also on Monday something truly wonderful happened. Issac and I were reminded that when God brings friends together few things can break that fellowship. I'm sure I'v mentioned this before but Issac and I are very social. We love to be surrounded by friends and family. When we both lived in the states everyone knew if there was nothing else to do our house was open to them. We also would have friends over for the holidays when we were going to be in town, a lot of our friends at the time didn't have family close and so we would be each others families. With our church, fellowship meant more than saying hi and asking how people were doing on Sundays. We were there for each other when we could be. Everyone tried to help the others with house or yard projects, or just plain old meeting up and hanging out outside of church. We would even get together to pray together is someone was having a hard time. To be honest after we had lived here long enough to realize we were probably not going to find this here we were quite aggravated at God. Why would he give us such a great community and then take it away not to give it back again. We have I think over the last year or so realized that he is trying to show us that there are many types of fellowship and just because we don't live in the same town as someone doesn't mean he has taken them away. A couple who are friends of ours from that church wrote to my husband telling him they want to help us out in their own way. I don't want to go into the details of how they are going to help us because to be honest that's not what this is about. After receiving the e-mail and us discussing it and what I spoke of above we were both in tears. We are in need of assistance and would never have asked for it, but God always knows and will provide when needed. Also although we have been keeping up with them from time to time on facebook I had no idea they read my blog. It is nice to know that friends haven't forgotten you and not only that but that they still care. We pray for and are seeking spiritual fellowship here in Mexico. I have managed to get some through my skype bible studies but as for my husband I am it. We do get to hang out with a couple of our good friends on a weekly basis which is absolutely wonderful but usually this is more to catch up and hang out and nothing spiritual. So in short after that long paragraph we are so thankful to God for showing us more and more what love is and how great it feels.
The only other reason this week has been off is because of the rain. We are on day 5 today of constant rain. It was so nice the day before the rain started that people were wearing shorts and now its getting colder each day. My laundry is like a mountain in my room and apparently its not suppose to let up until after Friday. This is pretty odd for this time of year here in Mexico. Last year it might have rained once or twice all winter. That is why they call it the dry season. Poor Alana is so ready to go out and play. During the summer I let her play in the rain so shes a little confused at why we have stayed inside the whole time. I try to tell her its to cold and she tells me she can put on her boots and rain coat. lol Im thinking this should be good for the farmers or at least I hope so. I hear the coffee production will be low this year because it actually reached freezing in some areas of Mexico in mid January. But around here we survive on the farmers who grow corn and tequila both of which I would think wouldn't be bothered by the freeze and will be helped by all this rain.
Today is the day we go find out when our appointment with the surgeon will be, so hopefully I will know in a few days when we will be getting it done. I'm so ready for it, yesterday we couldn't even figure out what made it hurt so bad. I ended up on the couch while Issac had to cook dinner which we decided would be better off if I didn't eat it. I guess one good side is I have already lost all my baby weight thanks to nights like last night where I only eat carrots for dinner. But for real Id rather be fat. lol Well all thanks for reading and sorry this post went here there and everywhere but I figured I might as well put it all in one post since it all happened within a few days.
Rain Rain go away come again another day...
Rain Rain go away, We want to go out and play. (and do laundry)


  1. I hope that your surgery is soon and fixes the problem. Remember the constant pain affects how you feel mentally too. The body doesn't seem to distinguish between chronic pain and depression.Sometimes realizing that helps.
    When it rains a lot we hang the clothes up inside and run fans. With the high humidity it takes what seems like forever to dry. If you don't mind ironing, wait until the clothes are just damp and iron dry. You get ironed clothes and dry at the same time.

  2. I feel you on the rain! I had two loads of wash on the line when the rains hit Sunday. Now they're all musty from being damp so long. And we have roof leaks ALL over the house. As for crops, the rain might help out some of them, but others are really taking a hit. My father-in-law grows squash, for example, which was in flower. All those flowers got knocked off (also avocados, mangoes....). Now his squash beds are flooded and his crop is ruined. I won't be surprised if we see some fruit and veggie prices go up from crops being ruined.

  3. What a blessing that your suegra and friends are helping out! (Each in their own way.) God always provides what we need, just when we need it most.

    Finally the sun came out this morning!!! I was in desperate need of some sun. The rain, lack of sun and the cold weather was making me depressed. And the humongous pile of laundry sitting in the kids' room isn't helping much. Still too damp to do laundry today, but maybe tomorrow! :)

  4. You have to love those Suegras. They do mean good but in their own way. You just have to establish the line between YOUR family and what was her family. She is there to support you not guide you. Nice website.

  5. The sun's back!! I think it's funny when people hang their laundry outside despite the rain. Seems to defeat the purpose to me. We started hanging our laundry inside on hangers. anywhere where we can hang things we do -- doorknobs, curtain rods, chairs, couch, kitchen table!

  6. Theresa- I hope it is soon also, and your so right the constantness (don't think that's a word but cant think of a better of the whole thing is grating my nerves. I'm not so much depressed as grumpy all the time. I love food and when I'm so limited it sucks and makes me grumpy. But I will live I just hope my family does. lol
    Vadose how sucky about your clean cloths. I'm sure by now you have them all cleaned up now. Yeah the sun is back.
    Leslie-I really am lucky to have her.
    Ronnie Mex-Thanks on the web site comment and your so right about drawing a line. I have come to realize though that when she wont let me do things for my hubby when shes around its because she wants to do it not because she thinks I cant. I use to think it was the other way around but I'm starting to understand her a little better.
    Alice-Yeah for the sun
    Oh and to Theresa and Alice- during the summer my husband hung a line in our bedroom but that room for some reason is very damp and the cloths usually wont dry in there so I have tried the hanger and and all over the house idea but again our apartment is just damp. Fans are a good idea but we try to cut cost on electric wherever we can so instead we just have pile up when it rains for a long time. I'm so glad the rain if over for a bit.

    Geesse I really shouldn't wait so long to answer the comments. I love when people leave them and when others answer the ones I leave but I got a little lazy about it the last couple weeks.
    sorry to all and thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. If it makes you feel any better everytime I read your blog I think wow she is exactly where I want to be. Living with my husband in Mexico with my kids, happy and healthy all my papers together and working. It just seems like such a huge task I dont even know where to start. itsa bit overwhelming. I just had my third child and was waiting for her to arrive before getting started. And belive me the rain is better then all the snow we have had here in New York.

  8. Wow thank you so much for this perspective, As a matter of fact today I was thinking about a friend who is not quite living here yet and her time with her husband is still vacation time. For about a second I thought I missed that, (maybe a half a sec) then I took a look around and I remembered how horrible that time was in my life. Good luck with your paperwork, its really not as bad as all of it sounds here are some good tips.
    Take your time.....
    Expect it to take for ever... and then if it doesn't you'll be ecstatic.
    And Take your time.. Oh and a lot of it can be done here so if your big move or what ever happens before its all done its ok. It will just take a little longer. lol
    Again thanks for the perspective I really am doing better here than when I was there. And the light at the end of your tunnel is coming closer every day.