Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valintines day

So this will be kind of a short post but there were a few things worth mentioning this year. First off I have started making and selling home made cards. Its something I love to do and when a few people received them from me well it kinda caught on and people wanted them to give away. So of course Valentines day was a big day for me with that. The funny thing is that when my neighbor asked for a couple cards for El dia de Valentin at first I mistook that to be Valentina. Valentina is an excellent hot sauce that is sold even in the states and is made right here in my state of Jalisco. The drawing on the bottle is of Jalisco as a matter of fact. And when I repeated what I thought I heard and she explained that she meant February 14 and we both had a good laugh (as did my husband when I told him about it later).
Also something I noticed here on this day of love is that people as always could care less about litter. More than one car drove past me that day covered in postits saying yo te amo, no rompia mi corazon and so on and so forth. And all week we have been seeing them flying all over town. Although it is quite romantic and festive it makes me sad to see all the litter this week.
As for us my three year old made cards and she requested that she could make three of them specifically for Papi, Abuela, and baby sister. They all turned out so cute and she worked so hard on them. We also talked about love and what it means and how we act it out. And that night after the girls went to bed hubby and I had a romantic date filled with wine and chocolate tasting. I love any reason for that kind of day.
So a happy belated Valentines to all of you and thanks for your ongoing friendship and support.


  1. Hope still has the card you sent her for her Birthday. Good for you for selling them. They are SUPER CUTE!!!

    And Happy belated Valentine's Day! :)

  2. I saw several cars here, covered all over w post its. i LOVE that idea! Happy to hear you had an awesome Valentines day!

  3. Awww...what a cute vday.

    The Valentina story was classic! Hahaha, oh, this learning a new language thing... LOL!!!