Tuesday, February 16, 2010

El Valle De Guadelupe

I love when others post pictures on there blogs and I plan to make a better effort about it. A friend of mine suggested taking a picture walk and so I did this in a town close to where I live. This is where my husbands grandma and aunt live and every few months his mom stays there also. El Valle is a cute little town with nothing in it. Seriously you cant even find a cup of coffee outside of someones house. And it is for real in the valle at the area of this first picture which is just as you enter town your ears are always popping.

This little town is in the middle of remodeling itself. Most of the roads except the main one that goes through the middle of town are cobble stone. They are now making them half cobble stone and half concrete and the final look is quite nice. They have a great park that you only pay 2pesos a person for. I neglected to take a good picture of the inside of the park but in one of the pictures you can see some of the toys in the background.

And of course my husband always gets some classic Abuela cooking. Actually thats why we were there, this was his birthday wish was to have his grandma cook for him that day.


  1. Oh yes. I love seeing pics on blogs as well! Just love it. Looks like you had a great time, and some great food!!! Mmmm... I would love some of my grandmas' cooking from back home too!!!

  2. ooooh! Grandma cooking!!! Love the pics!

  3. El Valle de Guadelupe looks like a pretty calm place to live. Classic Mexico 101. I bet that food grandma made was delicious. I agree with adding pictures to blogs... it enhances the experience.

  4. Wow is that a bike path I see. there was no where to ride bikes in Puerto vallarta. I love that in Portland there is bike paths everywhere. And that is so cute your husbands grandma cooking.