Tuesday, February 23, 2010

El Seguro Popular: Surgeon

So we finally had our appointment with the surgeon last week and here is how it went. Our appointment was at 510pm so we got there at 430 knowing we would need to do paperwork. We brought our appointment slip to the nurse who gave us a different piece of paper to bring to the window where all the files were. There we waited for some time for someone to help us and she was very confused as to why an American was living in Mexico and using the public health system. Once we got past all that we finally got to the paperwork. She wasn't rude by the way she was just curious as most people are. We then went to the Caja to pay our 60p for the doctor visit. Now was the fun part. We waited.... and waited ... and finally my name was called about an hour and a half after we arrived. "Not bad," I thought. The nurse took my vitals and told me to wait on my name to be called. Then we waited.......
and waited....
and waited some more....
I meet a girl who had just moved here with her husband from the states and we chated and our kids played. They are both Mexicans but its there first time they are living here since being kids.
Then my hubby went to get us some snacks....waited
Then our new friends went to get snacks.... waited
Then at 815 my name was called, and we got to see the doctor.
It was short and sweet but well done, he did the typical history and examination and about half way realized I was struggling with my Spanish and decided he would struggle with some English. I always see this as very nice because he really was doing well but you could tell it was hard for him. Then he said...
"I know you are sick of your gall bladder but...." and he though for a while meanwhile my heart was sinking thinking he was going to tell me to go drink some juice and eat fruits and veggies the rest of my life.
Well as he went on I realized he was meaning, I know your gall bladder is sick. And the but was that I needed to have some tests done. So he wrote out three scripts one for blood work, one for an ultrasound, and one for me to meet the anesthesiologist. First we went back tot he first window I spoke of and set up the appointment with the anesthesiologist and they said we had to have the other two done within a week of the appointment. Then we went to the lab area and they said they didn't have any openings for the ultrasound between now and then. We asked if it would be ok for us to use a private place and they said no big deal. The other side of the lab where the blood work is done did have an opening for me and we set it for today (this for another post). We then headed home about 840, yes the doctor visit and setting up the appointments only took about 20 min of the 4 hours we were there. Whoo hoo for cheap health care. More to come later on the other trips.


  1. YAY! One step closer to your surgery ;) Glad things went well at our appt.and hoping to hear more good news for your surgery soon.

  2. Amanda, I'm glad you are getting this taken care of!!

    Just curious, what was the hospital like? Equipment? New/old? Similar to back home? Would you recommend it?

    Nice that he was trying so hard to speak English for you. I always appreciate the help as well !!

  3. Great report girl, I have IMSS too, and am eagerly reading your report on this nasty gall bladder. Wish you didn't have to have the surgery, but loving the posts.

  4. They have appointments at night? People are lucky in the US if the Dr's office does not lock their door 10 til 5!
    Hope you get your surgery soon.

  5. You're just a few step away from your surgery. I'm glad that you're getting used the system here. Keeping you in my prayers! :D

  6. Something to look forward to if the US adopts public health care. Great.

  7. Mama- I do have good news just keep reading
    Mexican time-this hospital was cleaner than the one we saw for the Social, and the equipment does seem a little out dated but well with in usable status. And as far as similar to back home its not all the highest tech stuff and a lot less machines and much more human labor, but I don't think that's all that bad.
    Trailrunner- thanks for reading and Ill report as much as I can.
    Crystal- the difference was we didnt have a choice. lol
    Leslie-Thanks for the prayers they are working please keep praying everyone.
    And wonderfull life you are so right on.