Monday, April 19, 2010

Desfile we finaly made it

I was told on Easter Sunday about the Desfile that would kick off Tepabril, that's the festivities for Tepa and are obviously in Apri. We were so excited to actually have information on the when and were of some of the activities. The last few years we have been feeling around blindly and sometimes bumbling into an activity or two. We did manage to get a hold of the website last year but it was to late. So we went downtown on the date and time we were told and it was obvious there was nothing going on. Issac asked the closes police officer and was told that they had printed the date wrong and it was to be next weekend. Oh well we let the girls play down town a bit and made the most of our morning.

The next weekend we were not disappointed. As soon as we got downtown around 10 we could tell something was going to happen that day. We went to the mercado and hod our breakfast complete with a cup full of mariscos or seafood. Yumm I love these and just writing about them makes me want to get another one. The odd thing about Mexico is that seafood is really only sold in the mornings.

Then around eleven we headed to the street to get a good spot for the parade that was to pass by around 1130. We ended up waiting till almost one but it was totaly worth it. They floats were big and well done and we got to see some of the school bands. Some of which sucked horribly but it was still an experience. For example the trumpet they use here is not the one we are use to it has no buttons.

As for the play we got tickets to it was to start at 830 the weekend of our anniversary and seemed the perfect way to celebrate. So as normal we wait till we put the girls to bed around 815ish before we leave them with the sitter. Once we got downtown we realized the blunder of driving and it took us a long time to find a spot. By the time we got to where they play was to be it was a little after nine. No big deal I thought all plays start late and this is Mexico after all plus we have tickets. We quickly found out that the free tickets that were in our hand meant nothing to the people spilling out of the theater doors squishing each other to see. On the way in we noticed they were broadcasting the play live onto a big screen outside and I decided it would be better to watch from there. After my husband realized I didn't see this as a total failure to our night out he was happy with the idea to. There was so much hubub and commotion going on around us and while driving I had seen some cool stuff on the other square that I just couldn't sit there. He agreed and we headed to look around. And oh how much fun we ended up having, in the end we were glad we didn't get in and end up sitting on our tushes all night. Here are the pictures. We also ran into some of our friends which was nice. We also ate out at a nice Italian restaurant one night the week of our anniversary. I didn't bring the Camera that night. But after we ate we went and walked downtown and my husband found a nice secluded little bench to sit on and he gave me a pair of earnings. My gosh he still makes my heart melt. Of course at the same time when I tell him what a wonderful job he did he says, "I know I'm that master." Well what ever as long as he keeps it up. ;)


  1. So cool! I wish we had more cultural events in Cancun.

    Seafood in the morning... I know, right? Here in the Yucatan Peninsula, they eat beans and pork on Monday mornings, usually with Coke. How do they do it?

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Looks like lots of fun :)

  3. Hey Amanda!
    I love looking at your pictures. They're alot of fun! I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Pure in Heart reward on my blog. Your story inspires me. Thanks for doing what you do. Yo orando por ti! Cuidate.