Sunday, April 4, 2010

The party

Well there isn't a lot to say except that all went well. There were a few glitches, the first one was that the key didnt work for the taraza door when we showed up and we had to break in. Thats the first picture. And thanks to his mom refusing to believe we had as many people coming as I kept telling her we ran out of some of the prepared food. Basically she really didn't think we had friends yet outside of Issacs work. Her only job was to chop the onion and tomato for the hot dogs. She chopped two tomatoes and one onion we needed a lot more. I kept asking her to do more and she kept telling me she would and that she would meet me there. Of course when she came she hadn't. But luckily one of Issacs cousins is supper helpful and chopped for about an hour when it was apparent we were quickly running out. We ended up at the last min getting a little pool for the kids. Few had swim suites because we didn't know till the last min but it was fun anyway. But over all we all had a good time. I had asked my husband to help me man the camera, often times I get so caught up in catching memories that I forget to make any. He was totally on top of it and during most of the day refused to give it to me. It was so nice to really just enjoy the people and the party. Heres some pictures.

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