Saturday, June 19, 2010

FM3 change of address

When we renewed my FM3 in December we got dinged pretty hard with a 1,000p fine for not letting them know when we moved. As you all know we have moved again and were sure to get there in the 30days. Yes we pushed it and were there on day 28 but hey Mexico does this to you. It wasn't to bad of a process we showed up with our old and new lease and a copy of my husbands ID and a copy of my FM booklet info. This is what they asked for last time. Right next to the immigration building is a place that does copies, pictures, ext. They also will go online and get the form you need, fill it out and print it out for you. We did all the above except the picture and headed into the office. We grabbed a number then noticed there was a line for elderly, disabled and pregnant women. I look only barely pregnant but we decided to give it a try. The lady behind the desk told us the people she was working on would take a long time so we should be sure to also have a number. No problem I can play lottery and stand in line and have a number. After standing there for a long time an older lady with a walker came in to get in line behind us. I dropped out of the line because she looked like she was having a harder time than me. Funny thing is at the same time I would have been called in the prego line my number was called so no big loss giving up my spot in line. We went to our window and handed over all our info. We had put the wrong date on our form so we had to leave and go back to the little office I was talking about before. This didn't take long and we headed back up. At this office if something like that happens they don't make you get a number you just go back to your window and as soon as the person is free you bring them your stuff. Then she said I needed a copy of my passport. Well crap we had copies of all other IDs but not this one. Of course it would be what they ask for. She had pity on us I suppose due to the baby belly and the fact we had a 3yr old and a 1yr old in tow. And the three year old was making it obvious we had promised her Burger King after we were done. She made the copies and had Issac hand write a solicitude saying we moved. This is unheard of they always want things typed. Which we found thankfully this time around is obsolete they are ok with things being printed off the computer. (bout freaking time). Also when she gave us our paper we were told we could check online to see if it was ready before we came back. Can I hear a hallelujah? Our immigration office finally realizes there would be less people in line if they didn't come unless their stuff was ready. Before you couldn't even call you had to come stand in line and hope yours was ready. We have been turned away twice after a two freaking hour drive. Also no application fee.. no money at all except what it took to get there.
We also read a note saying that for renewals and such you now make an appointment online and basically turn in all your info and forms online and when you show up you bring the originals and copies but at that point they would have been able to let you know if you need more info. Then we were off for a quick stroll down town some Burger King and home. I'm so glad to see them getting more into the net and computers this helps A LOT.
So in case your here on an FM3 and you move be sure to let them know and its not to hard to do so.


  1. The online checking option is AWESOME. I wonder if they have that available in Cancun yet?

    Usually I just add 2 weeks onto the date they tell me before I go back. :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me to check the status of my visa!

    However, I just did that and
    1) the internet address that they gave me on my receipt is not correct.
    2) I just went to the INM page and typed in the pertinent information. No record exists for the numbers they gave me. Great.

    Here's hoping that it works better for you. Especially as you have longer to go to check on that.