Friday, June 18, 2010

Seguro: Three month visit

First things first for my last appointment I was told that I needed blood work and an ultrasound done preferably before the next appointment in one month. I was to take the papers the doctor printed out and gave us and bring them to the IMSS hospital lab area to make my appointment. Due to our new situation with my husband always needing the truck every day a friend of mine was kind enough to take me to make my appointments. Thankfully she is fluent in Spanish and English so the few things I didn't quite catch she filled me in. We simply walked up to the desk that said Lab and gave them my papers and booklet. She was sure to check when my next dr. appointment was and made the blood work for a week before the appointment at 7am. She gave me two copies of paper that had all the information on it and what I was to do, she also handed me a glass jar. I was to fast that morning and to bring my urine sample back with me in the jar. My friend assured me that there would be a lot of people there when I showed up but that I would be out by 8am. I didn't believe her. Then we walked to the next desk which said X-ray and handed over the ultrasound papers. She also checked the date of my next appointment but couldn't get me into the ultrasound until Aug. I took the appointment knowing I would need one around then anyway. They also explained that their printer wasn't working so I needed to bring back two copies of the paper they gave me when I came back in Aug. The next week we went to the private ultrasound place and spent 450p ( a lot for us, but hopefully don't have to do this often) and were in and out in minuets. The technician was great and talked all the way through it and explained everything even to my daughter who is three but totally interested and excited to get to see her new baby brother. Oh yes its a boy, I'm thinking I may have mentioned this already but not sure. It was really early I was only 13 weeks but it was clear as day and the guy said he isn't suppose to point it out that early but it was so clear I saw it before he said anything. He then gave me a paper with my datos (I think that's how they say it) which was all the info and a x-ray type copy of the pictures. We of course then went out for tacos to celebrate that we were having a boy and over tacos decided this would be our last. Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ok sorry I digress, ehh! Last week, thankfully Issacs aunt came over to stay the night before my blood work. So that morning I woke up and complained about not getting to eat, I peed in my jar, got ready and waited on my husband to get ready. After dropping him off at work I headed to the hospital lab. When I got there it was packed already, for sure at least 60 people who were there before me. At about 715 they started calling names, the lady would have them put their jars if they had one on a metal cart and she would put a sticker on top and hand them a paper with more stickers and have them form a line. After about 30 or 40 names she went back to her desk and I assumed that she was making more stickers for the rest of us. I was right also I think this was necessary to let the line shrink down some. It was obvious there were two lines being formed and so I assumed two blood drawers. There was a third and it was also obvious that this was for the elderly or disabled.
My name was called about 730ish or so and I handed over my bottle and got my stickers and stood in line where told. Then a lady came out and took my paper from me and the others around me. The line kept moving and at one point the lady came back with my paper and empty blood vials with my stickers on them. I asked her after this was over if I needed to come back for my results or not and she said no that they would be in the system. When it came to my turn it was no funny business the guy said, "sit down put your arm out squeeze your hand." I did as told and it was obvious I didn't know what I was doing so the nurse gently folded my paper and told me to put it in my purse and to present it at my next dr. appointment. And before I knew it he was telling me to get up. Really that's what he said. So although you kind of feel like a cow in a heard it went fast and with no hassle. And when I did have questions they were quick to answer for me.
We didn't expect to much in a way of surprise for the dr. visit and once again we got some. My appointment was at 530pm and as soon as the receptionist took my wt and wrote a few things in my book she said, "Go on in."
I said, "ahorita" (right now) with surprise in my voice.
Si.. si... she meant right then and there no waiting. Surprise number one.
We sat down and the doctor actually addressed me and not my husband which was a little different than last time and she spoke slowly and clearly. Surprise number two.
First she asked me if I had the results for my lab work and I told her they told me it would be in the system. She had me bring my paper out to the receptionist who quickly pulled up the results and printed them out for the doctor. We also explained the ultrasound and she was glad we kept the Aug appointment anyway because we would need one then. She asked me all the normal questions of how I was feeling, first ever menstruation and when was the last, details about both my previous pregnancies and labors ext ext. She then took my blood pressure, checked my feet for swelling and sat down to review my blood work and ultrasound. Every thing is good, then she asked about what type of birth control we were planning to use after the baby. I found this odd for the 3 mo appointment but was glad she asked because we were wondering if the Seguro offered surgery and which ones. We found out that they would be more than happy to do which ever we choose. Surprise number three. We had read that Mexico has been big on birth control over the last few years but this was still a surprise to me. And to be honest at our age some doctors in the US would give us trouble about wanting a permanent fix so to speak.
Then she explained that this was a low risk pregnancy and this would be the last time I see her unless something went wrong. Surprise four I will be seeing the nurses from here on out. I love the idea and think its great. For both my other ones I felt that seeing a dr every month and telling them what they already knew was a little excessive.
She also said that she wanted me to see a dentist because of the problems pregnancy can cause on teeth. I about fell through the floor. Surprise five we are racking them up today. For Joslin I went to a private doctor and I was actually the one to suggest the dentist appointment and hes like sure what ever.
So the doctor printed out our papers to make the dentist appointment (the office door next door), to make my nurse appointment, and to get the refills for my vitamins from the pharm. We walked next door and made my dentist appointment. I asked the nurse if it was possible to also make one for my daughter at the same time so she could watch me then have her turn. Im pretty sure she has at least one cavity on a molar. When she was more than happy to do so Issac asked if it was possible to get us all three in. Sure why not it would just be two days later than the other one would have been. How cool we all get to have our appointments on the same day. Surprise six.
We then went to the nurses station and made my appointment with them, and went to the pharm and got my free vitamin supplements.

Done deal in about an hour. Surprise number seven. I like that number.

I hope I'm helping all to understand that public health care can be a good thing. I am for sure learning that.


  1. This is so cool, Amanda. Sounds like your IMSS (we are talking IMSS, right?)is really together. I have it too, reading your posts makes me feel better about it. I've never used it.

  2. That is AWESOME! I am so glad that everything is working out for you! And if it turns out that you don't like your dentist (which I'm sure will not be the case) you can always come visit me and I'll walk you over to my brother-in-law's consultorio! :)

  3. Congratulations!!!!! On your triumphs and that you found out you are having a boy, how exciting!! I am so glad that things are smoothing out for you (at least in the IMSS department).