Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first Mexico Waterfall

Ok I wrote this post over a week ago and thought I posted it. Well I didnt so here it is. Ill try to read through it really fast here and see if I need to make some revisions.
So last week I was privileged enough to get to see my first waterfall and guiser (sp?) all in one day. This experience was not quite as exciting or fun as I had hoped it would be. Mainly because it wasn't in the mountains instead the waterfall was going down my stairs and the guiser was on my back patio.
After a night of wonderful rain fall I woke up to a flooded house. Each morning after rain we would have random puddles in the house and the trail from where it came had dried up. This morning when Issac was giving my my good by kiss he said, well we got enough rain to see where the water is coming from. Its coming from the door to the upstairs patio. Oh I thought half asleep well at least now we know, Ill wipe up the puddles later and find something to clog the door.
Little did Issac know from walking through the hall that all the water from the patio door had actually diverted itself into the girls room, with a small trickle going down the stairs and also filling the play room. When Joslin woke up I went plowing into at least a full inch of water in their room. I had no idea how bad it was at first but when I pulled their full comforter off their bed and threw it under my feet I knew I was in for it. The blanket just filled with water and sank to the bottom and I was still standing in a lot of water. As I'm walking down the stairs holding Joslin I notice a medium size trickle of water that is flowing down the stairs. Wow I think that must be alot of water in their room. Once downstairs I see that the trickle is not going out the front door but into the play room. I take a quick peak and realize that there is about a 4-5 foot area that has also almost an inch of water. My kitchen was also flooded but not as bad and was from the back door.
Once I fed and dressed the girls I shut them in my room with some toys. This may sound a bit cruel but for one my room is always off limits for play time so they thought they were getting a real treat. And two it was just dangerous to have them running around anywhere else. My heart sank as I went into the girls room and remembered that Alanas book shelf had broke a few days before and all her hardbound books were on the floor close to the window. At this point I wasn't sure how that much water got in so I was a little anxious. For about 2inches around her books the room was dry, the rest was soaked. That was a huge sigh of relief. Thankfully we don't keep a lot of toys in their room so the floor was pretty clean, she did have a cloth basket full of dress up cloths that got soaked and I threw it in the wash. After up turning the couch in her room so it could begin to drain I got the squidgy. I figured since the water was naturally going down the stairs thats where I would put it so here came my first waterfall. It took me a little over an hour to get all the water out of her room. Every time I would get the floor dry a new puddle would form. Finally I realized it was still coming in through the door even though the rain had stopped. Upon investigation I see that the small patio area has about 3-4 inches of water that was being relieved into the house. At first I saw no drain but when I did find it it was clear but had no water draining. So I went out to the back porch to find the outlet. This is so odd the pipe obviously was originally set under the ground of the back patio to go somewhere out side of the house.But I assume it got clogged past repair and since it was now under a concrete patio they just smashed a whole in the plaster to show part of the pipe and put a small whole about the size of a squished quarter. This little whole appeared to have a a rock in it. So I get a stick and poke it out, then a little trickle of water starts but there is what appears to be a huge hairball there. Oh yes so gross, but I continue to poke and silly me Im squatting right in front of it. I then get sprayed head to toe with gross who knows whats in it water. But it was actually really funny so even standing there alone I had to laugh at myself. I didn't have to clear the whole at this point the water did it for me. Here is a picture of that lovely spray of water. When Issac came home he made the whole into a baseball size and we have had no problems since. Well you know the little puddles that are inevitable in houses in Mexico but thank God no more flooding.

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  1. Oh no! That sounds horrible! Our house sprung quite a few leaks during the surprise rain storm a couple of months ago. Glad it happened then so that we could fix them before the rain season got here.

    And I hope that your leaks are fixable. ;)