Friday, June 25, 2010

The perfect Day April 16th 2005

Ok so I have been wanting to write this post and just haven't done it.

Here I am with my Aunt who made all my flowers and did a lot of my pictures. For the pictures I also had a pro who was a gift from one of the guys Issac worked for. We didn't pay a dime and got tons and tons of pictures. I love pictures so this was one of the best gifts we could have gotten.

This is what the guys did while we were hard at work.

This is me and my sister shopping at hobbie lobby where they were having a 50-75percent off the entire store sale. I got almost everything that day and hardly spent anything. We got all my flowers, decorations, cake topper, and bells. We put bells out on all the seats at the wedding for people to ring.

These are of another Aunt making wonders happen. She altered my dress for me and fixed my sisters. We found her dress on sale also (have I mentioned I love sales). The straps were broken and I didn't like them anyway. We went and bought what you see now as her straps and my Aunt made it work.

Issac and I were totally spoiled by friends and family. My sister threw me a bachloret party in St. Louis with all my girl friends and Issac had his bachlor party the night before the wedding. The guys also took him for a weekend camping trip a few weeks before. My mom threw me a bridal shower in my home town which is shown above, and my sister and mom both threw us a show at our church in St. Louis that was for both the guys and the girls. Party party party it was so much fun.

My mom is the best beautician I know and did a wonderful job on my hair. I had an idea what I wanted and as always she ran with it. Oh and the veil I wore was made by the same Aunt who did my flowers, she is amazing. I actually loved her veil from her wedding and she wanted me to use it but when she pulled it out it was yellow so she made me a new one. ;)

My cake was made by a friend at church. She did an amazing job, I wanted it to be easy and didnt want anyone to have to stand around and serve everyone at this point. So we did the cupcakes. I gave her the idea, boxes of cake mix, and the topper and she made this. Isn't it so pretty. I loved it.

For the food Issacs family cooked most of it the day of the wedding at my apartment. I was amazed to see them going nutz in my little kitchen and the food was delish. Some other friends also provided different foods and drinks. When people found out I wasn't having it catered but that family was cooking they came up to offer their favorite dish. Im like heck yeah you can bring it in.

Ahhh my girls, the tall beautiful blond is my little sister (younger,lol), the short blond is a very close friend of mine, and the one with long hair is my friend who has been very close to me since I was seven years old. I love being barefooted so we all were barefooted for the wedding. I of course had bought them some flip flops to match their dresses for the before and after and decked out their feet with a heart anklet and butterfly toe rings (their flip flops and toe rings were purple and mine were white)

Here is Issac and his best men. Our good friend Ray was his best man and is who my second daughter is named after. He passed away of lymphoma almost four years ago and we still miss him dearly. The one to the far right is Issacs cousin who he was very close to growing up. And the one to the far left is a very good friend from church.

Here you can see our pastor and on the right side of the picture was our music. This guy plays beautifully and was the next best thing to having Issac play acoustic himself.

This is Issacs family doing the giving of the gifts which is done in Mexican weddings. I was so glad they provided everything for this part because I had no idea what to do. We did the laso but also a unity candle because I felt it was good to have both. We also took our first communion together and the table (or tree trunk) is back behind us. I didn't put any pictures up of it but speaking of tree trunks that's what we used for most of the seats. I had normal seats for the front few rows then the rest were tree trunks. I loved the natural look of it in front of the woods.

Can you tell it was the happiest day for us. I love this picture. We are actually laughing so hard because one of our friends who is the king of puns pointed to the lasso and said to us as we walked by, "looks like you two just tied the knot."


  1. Thanks for sharing such a personal and beautiful day in your life!

  2. Wow! Who would have thought a do-it-yourself with cupcakes and artificial flowers could be pulled off so tastefully! Great ideas! Just beautiful!


  3. You had a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  4. What a beutiful wedding Amanda. Makes me wish i had been more creative.

  5. How beautiful.....I want a wedding like this....personal and unique and handmade! Love it, thanks for sharing with us mami!

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  7. Just beautiful! The sun was shining so bright!! I hope I can find a Hobby Lobby for some great deals too come next May! :)

    Amber H. in Charlotte, NC

  8. Thanks all it was one of my favorite days and yes it was perfect weather.