Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and Kitty Ke

Just wanted to write a short post about the fourth of July. I plan to always keep my girls educated on all things American. So this year Alana watched a cartoon that PBS has put out called the Liberty Kids. It was actually really cute and educational, we watched the first fourth of July episode. At four years old I'm not sure how much of it she really got but she liked the show anyway. I also had her paint a flag which she did very well and later that evening she explained to her papi what the American flag looked like in great detail. It was kinda cold and rainy here so to warm up a little we made some star sugar cookies and ate a lot of them of course with strawberry jelly to make them red. I have to say the best part of our day was going to church last night, this is for another post. I'm feeling post happy today. ;)

Below is a couple pictures of Ke Ke our new addition to the family. I had told my daughter that when we had a house we could get a cat and she started asking for it two days after we moved in. Kids don't let anything slip by. My husband and I both love cats so we were all for it. This cat is amazing with the girls and so far they are doing ok. I have to watch them very close and there is a lot of, "put her down", "dont pull her tail," "Stop that," " leave Ke Ke a lone for a min." going on but that's to be expected. We do take Ke Ke brakes where she gets put on the patio and I dont have to hover for a bit.
Ok I just went and previewed the blog and realize it looks like I was saying that Joslin goes on the patio but that's not what I meant. lol She just happened to be playing outside and the cat inside for this picture. Obviously the cat is the one who gets put on the patio for Ke Ke break time. But this was just to cute and as you can tell the cat actually wanted to get to her. Im not sure whats wrong with this cat but even though Joslin and Alana are not always gentle she loves them.


  1. So cute! Where did you get the kitty and how did you all decide on the name?

    Growing up, we begged our parents for a cat or dog, but they never gave in. What they did get us, though, were chickens, rabbits, and too many hamsters and gerbils that never lived too long.

  2. Alice we got the kitty from a couple we met that lives almost an hour away. They are part of our "American circle" Hes American and she Mexican and they live in this huge house in a tiny pueblo where she was raised. They are an older couple and we love to visit them from time to time. It was a fun visit and we got ke ke out of it.
    I told Alana to make the name. We have been working on the concept with her. When we got the turtles she just wanted to call them turtle until I told her she could name them after one of her fav movies so they are now Asmar and Asur, she decided on ke kes name and although its very close to kitty I thought it was better than nothing so we went with it. lol