Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mango heaven or hell?

I have now decided its heaven but I was skeptical. A friend of ours just got back from vacation at his home town in San Luis Potosi, and he brought us mangoes. Not just a couple but he brought us a huge bag that when I put them in my fridge last night it filled my entire lower shelf. A fellow blogger once wrote how she ate mangoes every day for a month and I mentioned how I could never do that because I hate to prepare them. But hey beggars cant be choosers and Ill take free food any day. Especially something my family loves so much including myself. Yesterday evening I pealed and cut three of the small ones for us to eat with biscuits for breakfast. That actually worked really well this morning and as I ate them I contemplated on what else I would make with them today.
Issac had the idea last night for me to puree some and freeze it for us to eat as freezies. This was simple enough and I cut up about six of the smaller smushier ones for this project and actually decided not to add any sugar because they were pretty sweet. We dont add sugar to a lot of things actually. My brother in-law thinks Im cruel because I will feed my girls corn flakes with out sugar. Funny thing is they love it and especially with some bananas thrown in. For the freezies I used some small plastic cups that I had left over from a party. Im hoping they do ok in the freezer once the mango expands.
Of course I had to make some agua de mango which did get some sugar added and this took about three or four of the smaller mangoes. This is so much yummier than Zuco. ;) Between both girls and myself I think we ate at least four or five of the small ones just cut up fresh today. I then remembered I had mixed up some Bisquick mix the other day and decided to make a cake with mango in it. I used brown sugar instead of white just to add a little kick and so far it smells yummy. Its cooling on the stove top right now and calling my name.
Then once I started to get to the bottom of the bag I noticed there were larger ones there also. These were not quite as ripe and smushy as the smaller ones so as for now I cut only one up that looked pretty ripe.
Now I still have six large mangoes in my bottom drawer of my fridge waiting a bit to get ripe. Any ideas on what else I should make would be nice. I'm sure Ill use at least two of them for aqua but they are pretty big so now I still have four. Ok I'm sure my girls will at at least one or two fresh. Gee so I only have two or three left.
For sure this was heaven and it didn't take as long as I thought it would to figure out what to do with it all. I may look into what it would take to make some jam considering I still have some Bisquick mix and biscuits are the easiest and quickest thing to make with it.


  1. We like mango cut up fresh with lime and chile. I think mango goes well with black beans in a stew - I threw in onions, garlic, corn, cumin, chiles verdes... I can't remember what all, but you could find a recipe online, I'm sure. Mango with plain yogurt. Mango makes green salads really exciting - maybe add some apple and avocado with that lettuce. Or almonds. Mmmmm... Mango crisp. Fruit smoothies with mango. I bet you could make a pretty fancy mango sauce for chicken... I think mangoes are my second favorite thing about Mexico (the first being avocados). Have fun!

  2. Mangos were an aquired taste for me. I don't usually like pulpy fruits. Now i love them, especially salted or with lime and chile. Smoothies are a great idea also.

  3. Oooh, mango salsa with chicken. Mangos, cilantro, red onion, chilis, jicama, lots of lime juice, and whatever else you find that looks good.
    Mango season is much too short!

  4. I hate peeling and cutting mangos as well, but wow are they worth it!!!

    Let us know how the slushies work out?? I usually throw them in our morning shakes with banana, orange juice, and some water! No sugar!! Soooooooo yummy :)

  5. Haha, I remember going through the mango dilemma last year. Bought so many that after awhile I didn't know what to do with them. A friend made a goat cheese-stuffed chile relleno topped with mango sauce, and it was delicious. But it's more work than just peeling and eating it :)

  6. Try making Mango Salsa. Here is a recipe from the internet that I used and it was really good!

  7. green mangoes are good in mango chutney or mango pickle if you like Indian food. You can also eat green mangoes with chili and lime (they are like granny smith apple sour). I made a mango crisp before, just used mangoes instead of apples.
    You can broil mango slices too for a different taste.