Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on Church going

I think in one of my posts about our new place I mentioned that we found a church close by. Keeping Christ in the life of our family is so important to me and my husband. We were both raised and still are Non catholic Christians and that's not always easy here in Mexico. We were going to a church near our other house which we thought to be the only Christian church in town. It is pretty large for our taste, but we knew we needed to be going ourselves and to have the girls going. I teach Alana a lot about the bible at home and I feel this is just as important as her being in church. Kind of like I dont think teachers should hold all responsibility of educating my children. Kids learn best when they are getting the information from loving parents at home as well as others outside the home. Ok off that soap box I want to tell you about my church.
There are never more than 15-20 people including the kids each Sunday. Except a couple Sundays ago was the 8year anniversary for the church here so people came in from the church in Guad and it was a full house that weekend. But even with all those people everyone stood around and talked like old friends. This is what Issac and I really want in a church is fellowship. I do feel its important for us to be feed by a pastor and to be reminded of principles from the bible but to be honest we have found we can find that online. What you can not find is Christian fellowship.
The lesson last night was about letting God take control and knowing that he will care for you. We have seen this over and over in the last couple years since we moved down here and I know we will see it over and over again. But even with all this proof its easy to get anxious about money, and clothing, and shoes. But you know what he reminded us of... that God provided for a whole nation in a desert for 40 year. For 40 years they had shoes on their feet, cloths on their backs, and food and water in their stomachs. Sure it prob wasn't the best looking clothing or shoes and they were eating plane bread with no jam, but they were taken care of. Man, its just always so good to remember that I am so cared for by being who is much more than I can ever know.
After church we stayed and chattered and ate and the girls had a blast playing. We have not experienced this kind of thing since being in the states. I believe that "church" is not the building or the sermon or even the preacher. Church is the people no matter where they are and one of the truest showings of the church is when those people fellowship together. I cant tell you how revived I am today. Its so nice not to come out of church feeling frustrated and discontent. Its nice to understand enough of what the preacher is saying to at least get the point of the sermon. I do still miss a lot of the jokes and stories but because they post the verses on a screen I can keep up with those and then catch enough of what he says to understand. And Issac always chats with me about it after so I can catch more than I did at first. Oh but I did volunteer to put a lesson together for the kids as long as I had someone in the room to do all the talking. The teacher was really excited. Im pretty sure she is a full time worker and I love putting these things together as long as I get to sit through church sometimes to.
So last night I got to chat with a bunch of ladies about babies, pregnancy, kids, husbands and all that good stuff that ladies chat about. That was so nice. I did have to ask them to repeat a few times and sometimes I just didn't ever figure out what they were saying but for the most part I feel I was able to actually connect.

Ok now I need to stop posting, go clean my house so I can read other blogs later.

I love when others post pics so here is one that has nothing to do with this post. ;)

We love our yard.


  1. I am so happy for you Amanda. I hop I am as lucky in finding a church. I know of two Christian churces where Cesar lives, a babtist one and a luthern. He has atteneded botht and prefers babtist, which is what we go to here in the states.

    Cute pic, is that dirt? Are you gonna try to plant anything?

  2. I can see why you love your "yard" It's lovely

  3. Glad you have found good people to fellowship with! I miss, as you said, the people. I attended the Baptist church on our street a few times, but inevitably the friendship stymies when one has a different view of a Bible passage or disagreement with church doctrine. I love to go deep into an issue - challenge ideas and be challenged by others. In my experience, many people are uncomfortable with this, so I've deemed it better to try and challenge myself rather than be known as the heretic gringa who offends the church. But I do miss the interaction, and worship music.

  4. Rebecca Issac and I were both raised baptist but we met in a nondenominational church which we really liked. What I did always miss from the baptist church was the mission programs. You know Im not sure about here but baptist and Lutheran in the states are so similar that it seems you could pick either. You should try both once your here he may not be thinking of which one Daniel will like better. I know that had slipped Issacs mind after not being with Alana for so long. Oh and I dont plan to plan anything in the front if I do grow stuff I want to do bucket gardening in the back patio with food plants.
    Leah-once again its to bad we are so far away. I also love to dig deep and love to be challenged by questions. One thing I do not do is argue and I cant stand it when people do. I think the difference in arguing the bible and discussing it is the difference between sharing your opinion on a passage and trying to convince the other person theirs is wrong. If you ever want to bring up a good discussion topic I would love to go into it with you just send me an e-mail or comment on fb

  5. Church is the people no matter where they are and one of the truest showings of the church is when those people fellowship together.

    True statement. That's hard here in Honduras, too. I live in the capital where there are caboodles of Gringos but fellowship is lacking sometimes. Thanks for the honesty in your post. God bless.