Friday, July 16, 2010

Seguro: week 19

Sorry I get annoyed with using the months because they are really off from the true date of pregnancy, so from here on out I will be posting the week that Im on when I visit the seguro.
This visit was a little tougher because they made my appointment during a time when my husband could not get out of work. Because I knew I would be seeing a nurse and not the doctor I was ok with it. The girls actually did pretty well... I have good kids thank God. My appointment was set for 445 and I got there about 430pm. I was called in to see the nurse around 5pm. So not to bad of a wait. I have decided that when I meet someone for the first time I should outright explain that I sometimes have trouble understanding if they talk to fast or do not enunciate properly. The problem is my husband is so picky sometimes about how I speak that for a bit people dont realize that I do not know spanish well. But all in all I was able to understand her and when I wasn't I explained things to her and she was patient and either slowed down or spoke more clearly. She asked all the normal questions about swelling, head aches, dizziness, pain and or bleeding. Everything is going well so we moved on and a guy who was obviously a new nurse took my blood pressure and measured my stomach. He did the measuring with me lying on my back on the table then stepped back and told me to get up. These tables are tiny and I was afraid of falling off if I rolled over and so I tried to get up to my elbows first and get up the way you do when your not prego. He then was like no no no and came over to help me roll over and started a teaching charade about how I should get up from a lying position. I explained to him that I understood this but that I was scared because he moved so far away from the table. I hope he will stand closer for future women, but who knows. The other nurse was steady putting stuff in the computer and I assume documenting the teaching and such that this young nurse was getting ready to do with me. He flipped through a booklet that on my side had pictures and on his side had information for him to read to me. He did a good job and talked to me about eating right, hygiene, and taking my prenatal vitamins. He also discussed properly fitting clothing and shoes and how important that is. I never mentioned I was a nurse because I like that they do the teaching and am interested in how much the do with the general public. The other nurse then addressed what type of birth control we wanted to do after the baby was born. As I said with the other visit the doctor had mentioned this also and when we told her we wanted my husband to have the operation she said it would be no problem and moved on. We forgot at that appointment to ask how he was to get set up to have it done through the seguro. So I now asked the nurse if he had to see the general practitioner first before seeing the surgeon. NO HE DOESN'T. Get this all he has to do is show up at my 7month appointment and they will set it up from there with her. This is all turning out to be much easier than I had thought it would be. I also asked her about what they do for pain during the birth of the baby at the hospital. As I suspected there will be no epidural but if they have to cut they do give you a local anesthetic. So that came as some relief. I also asked about if the baby would be left with me and thankfully she said it would. In the private hospital I wanted the baby way way earlier than they would bring her to me. And Im pretty sure they feed her before bringing her to me. I mentioned this and she said that if I was wanting to nurse the baby they would rather me be the first to feed the baby. So aside from not getting the epidural Im liking the out look of this hospital stay better. I hear the nursing care sucks but seriously it sucked at the private one also. They made sure I had enough vitamins for the next month and sent me on my way. On my way out I set up my next appointment and headed home.


  1. Good that you asked those questions, but take what you hear about how it will be with a grain of salt. The seguro here usually lets you see the baby, and then they take it away for a while before they wheel it back later for you to see through the incubator-thing. Different rules might apply for mothers who plan to nurse, that is possible. The maternity ward in the seguro where Saul's sister works is very chaotic, and regarding nurse's care, if you need something you must shout "ENFERMERA" to get their attention. Otherwise they will let you alone to push.

    Not trying to upset you, just giving you an idea so you are prepared. Of course, this is just the seguro in Veracruz...could be different where you are.

    When Saul was in the hospital I placed a little cross trinket by his bedside so if he was in pain he could be comforted by it. Maybe pack something like that.

    I am sure whatever the situation, you will be fine, amiga. :-)

  2. As your language/writing is not much better than 5th/6th grade, one wonders how, or if you really got through nursing school, but nowadays you see foreign nurses who can barely communicate here in the US, so maybe it is possible.

    You should stop, however, and consider possible future ramifications before you send your "story" off into cyberspace, because once in the public domain, it's there in perpetuity; you can't just delete it or make it go away by shutting down your blog.
    Here, you have chronicled your bad judgement and irresponsibility, your naivete and flawed thought process, and it will likely haunt your offspring though you don't realize or apparently care.


    Amy Matthews

  3. Leah thanks for the info. I do know its not all going to be peaches and cream but I kind of have to look at the good as much as I can. Like I said even at the public one I didnt get good nursing care so I can only imagine what this will be like. For sure the questions are good and its always good to try and be as informed as possible. I appreciate you telling me about her hospital and what its like there. Two years ago we would have never concidered even going through the public system but money is an issue and to be honest there is not choice. Also last year they opened a brand new hospital and doubled their staff, the paper said that the new building, and machinery is what all new seguros are suppose to be changing to so I'm hoping its a little updated. But that for sure doesn't mean that care and bed side manner is any better.

    Amy-If you are the same anon reader that loves to rip on all the blogs I read. I'm glad you finally have gotten the nerve to at least show a name (if it is your name). I graduated LPN school with strait A´s and RN school also with strait A´s being a good nurse has do do with a lot more than gramer. I do want you to know that I have started praying for the anon commenter that feels they have to try and cut down the women who have chosen to live in Mexico down. It makes me sad to think of what shape your heart and spirit are in. I am curious to if you do this on all types blogs or just ours. I'm not going to try and defend my blog because as I have said many times I write to bring comfort which is why I usually dont let these comments go through. My readers dont need to see this type of junk. But I figure since you put a name on it its time to let you know I pray for those who persecute.
    Also maybe if in your comments you were more specific rather than just giving broad spectrum thrashings I may be able to take you more seriously. Example:"you have chronicled your bad judgement and irresponsibility, your naivete and flawed thought process," And if you didn't notice you had a spelling error also. ;)
    Peace and love my dear and I will be praying for you.

  4. Thanks for the post! I am really interested medically how things are different so this was great.

  5. great post amanda! i do enjoy reading about your prego experience. hopefully once i join the marriage club then we'll join the baby club! these posts are very helpful! :)

    amber h. in charlotte,nc :)